Should it become necessary to call off school for any reason such as weather, announcements will be made on the following TV and/or Radio Stations:

 KEYA-FM (Belcourt)  477-5686  KMOT-TV (Minot)  852-4101
 KBTO-FM (Bottineau)  228-5151  KXMC-TV (Minot)  852-2104
 KIZZ-FM (Minot  852-4646    



The OIEP, Transportation Supervisor, will call the Belcourt Police Department by 5:00 a.m. to check road conditions.  If the police department has issued a "no travel advisory" the OIEP Transportation Supervisor will consult immediately with the School District Superintendent and Education Line Officer, then school will be cancelled.  If the weather is inclement and there is no weather advisement from the Police Department, the following procedure will be followed:  The OIEP Transportation Supervisor and two designees will meet at the bus garage by 6:00 a.m.  They will each patrol a different area in order to do a road check.  If this team determines that the road/weather conditions are unfavorable for travel, the Transportation Supervisor will call the Education Line Officer by 6:15 a.m. to inform him/her.  In the event that the Education Line Officer is out of town, the Acting Education Line Officer will be contacted.  The Education Line Officer in conferring with the Transportation Supervisor and School District Superintendent will determine whether or not school will be in session for the day and the Education Line Officer will contact Building Principals with this decision.  If the decision is made to cancel or delay school, the OIEP Transportation Supervisor will call the TV/Radio stations listed above and the following Supervisors.

 Food Service Supervisor, TMCS  244-5560
 Principal - Ojibwa Indian School  477-8193
 Principal - Dunseith Day School  244-9764
 Facility Manager OIEP  477-6251
 Facility Manager Head Start  477-6750




If the decision is made to delay the start of school, staff will be expected to report to work as scheduled.  If there is an early dismissal, staff may leave 30 minutes after the buses leave the high school.  The OIEP Transportation Supervisor will notify the Elementary and Middle school as to when the buses have departed from the High school.  The Education Line Officer will fax a confirmation to KEYA as to the early dismissal.  The bus garage must be notified at least 1 hour prior to the early release to allow enough time to call back all drivers.  Each school must designate staff to remain at the school until the last bus arrives back from the routes in case students are returned to the school.  If a decision is made to cancel school for the day, work for all bureau education staff will also be cancelled.  This includes 12-month employees.  Annual leave earning District Staff will be notified by the School District Superintendent as to whether or not they will need to report to work.