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1/18/17 > TM Youth Wrestling - New Schedule
The new schedule starts this week. 4th through 6th grade and Advanced kids will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. K through 3rd grade will practice on Monday and Wednesdays. We split the grades so we can have smaller more manageable groups and coach according to their level of experience.

Lunch: Sloppy joes, chips, fresh veggies, dessert, milk.

Happy Birthday Airin Azure! Love Grandma Delores and Auntie Peggy.
Happy Birthday Airin Azure! from Mom, Dad, Alex, BB Chad and Cal.
Happy Birthday Airin Azure! from Grandma and Papa C.
Happy Birthday Airin Azure! from Grandma Barb and Papa Marky T.
Happy Birthday Airin Azure! Love Peggy, Heidi and Lincoln.
FULL DAY: Mr. Dave, Roseanne Trottier, Ian Marcellais, Brittanie Mostad, Roberta DeCoteau, Frankie Azure, Tammy Ballow, Stacy Soukup.

PARTIAL DAY: Roxane Morin, Lori Weidemann, Stephanie Laducer, Patrick (Boetie) DeCoteau.
Carrie Nelson
Sandy Azure
Rene' Plecity
Betty Jeanotte
Sharon Allard

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it will start to feel like one.
Have a great day!!

The updated ext. list is on the google drive. You MUST refer to the updated list.

Thank you
Mr. Gourneau
Dental Schedule

Jan. 17th
8:45am ~ M. Allard
10:00am ~ C.Lafontaine

Jan. 18th
8:45am ~ R. Carrington
10:00am ~ G. Parisien
BIE STAFF (Staff who have a para)
Evaluation folders are in your mailboxes. Please sign and date sections A-1 thru A-4 with same date. Also, complete section B with the staff member you work with and sign and date with current date. Again, not everyone will get a folder, only the ones who have an aide in their classroom. Please submit these folders to Lynea by January 23rd, 2017.

Thank You
I will be running grades on Wed. Jan. 18th.

Brenda T.
ext. 3331
Psychology Dept.
During my absence, Stephanie Parisien will be here on Mon. Wed. and Thurs. she can be reached @ ext. 3321.

Thank you
Dr. Paul Dauphinais
Sign Language class
Sign Language Classes will begin January 17-April 25 every Tuesday. Level 1 Sign Language will start at 4:00-4:50, and Level II from 5:00-5:50, if you are interested please stop by my office sign up, so I can get the necessary materials ready for you. These are college credits and the credit information will be shared on the first night of class. This class will be held over IVN in TMES IVN room.

Thank you
Arlene D.
Wed. Jan. 18th
Winnie the Pooh Day

Thurs. Jan. 19th
Popcorn Day

Tues. Jan. 24th
Compliment Day

Sat. Jan. 28th
Nat'l Kazoo Day

Tues. Jan. 31st
Backwards Day
Guidance Schedules
The K-2 guidance schedule is posted on our TMES Google Drive, in a folder titled 'Guidance Schedule'.

A schedule for grades 3-5 is forthcoming.
Contact information:

Tammy Laducer - BIE Asst. Principal. Ext. 3271.
Home: 244-0054
Cell: 477-2946.

Rusty Parisien - District.
Home: 244-5391
BIE STAFF-Mr. Gourneau
The following staff must sign up to see Mr. Gourneau by Friday, January 20th. The sign-up sheet is outside the door by my office.

Marie Arpan, Amy Leonard, Donna McEwen, Roger Redding, David Schnackenberg.

Thank You
MAP Testing
Just a reminder that MAP testing will begin on Tues. Jan. 10th. Refer to your schedule that was emailed to you. It will also be available on the Google Drive.

The computer labs will be utilized for testing. Mrs. LaRocque and Mrs. Trottier will be having computer classes in their alternative classroom spaces. G/T classes will also be held.

Due to the weather related delays, the following classes will be be making up the testing they missed at the following times:

Thursday, January 19, 2017: Mr. Poitra and Mrs. Schroeder's class will be completing their Math Assessment from 1:45 to 3:00 in the G/T Lab.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017: Mrs. Waldera's class will complete their Math Assessment from 9:00 to 10:15 in the K-2 Computer Lab and Mr. Trottier's class will be in the G/T Lab at the same time.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017: Mr. Tillich's class will complete their Reading Assessment from 9:00-10:15 and Mrs. Reid's class will complete their Math Assessment from 10:20-12:00 in the G/T Lab.

On Friday, January 27, 2017: Mrs. Parisien's class will complete their Math Assessment from 9:00-10:15 in the G/T Lab.


We will perform on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18TH.

Mrs. J.

Starting January 10th to January 24th, Judy's computer classes will be in the IVN room due to testing.

Starting January 10th, to January 24th, Sherri's computer classes will be held in Rusty's room due to testing.

Thank You
Judy & Sherri
BIE STAFF-Mrs. Laducer
Mrs. Laducer has been in and out of her office and will continue to be. If you signed up for a specific time to see her she will rather you just stop in her office anytime you see her in there to sign your evaluation forms.

Frankie Azure, Leah Azure, Sandy Azure, Tambra Dauphinais, Shelby Davis, Sherri Davis-Trottier, Kayla DeCoteau, Suzie DeCoteau, Christy Demery, Chantel Desjarlais, Jacqueline Frederick, David Gourneau Jr., Lorraine Gourneau, William Houle, John Jeanotte, Cherona Jerome, Denise Keplin, Stephanie Laducer, Judy LaRocque, Chanelle Marcellais, Natasha Marcellais, Melvin McCloud, Brady Parisien, Brandon Poitra, Jessica Poitra, Kali Reid, Donna Richard, Cassandra Schroeder, Crystal Short, Mary Short, Justin Tillich, Jerilyn Vandal, Tabitha Gourneau, Chelsey Enno.

Thank You
K-1-2 Staff
There is a cubby set up in my office to drop off your leave slips so you don't have to walk to the main office. Grades 3-4 and 5 may use the one in the office.

Thank you
Tammy L.
BIE Staff
If you are interested in working short term contract for the summer, please sign up with Lynea Crissler no later than Wed. Jan. 25th.

Summer school will run from June 5th to June 30th.

Staff needed:
12 Teachers
2 ESY Teachers
6 ESY Ed. Techs.
2 Book Mobile (8hrs)
15 Curriculum development from May 30th to June 2nd (10 hr. days)
After School Tutoring will start next week, January 17, 2017. Students who are not on an IEP and who fell between the 15th and 25th percentile on Fall 2016 NWEA are eligible to receive tutoring services. You may check with me to see which students are eligible.
Teachers and Paras who want to tutor will have to check with Vonda Morin to see if you have up to date payroll information. If you have been paid from the District for teaching, tutoring, or other services within the past year you will not need to fill out any paperwork but I need to know who will be tutoring. You may pick up paperwork from me. If you have NOT been paid through District payroll in the past year then you will need to see Vonda to fill out the proper paperwork.
Tutoring will consist of three (3) nights per week. You will schedule this to fit you and your student’s needs. You will also need to contact the parents to get permission for tutoring services and determine whether their child will ride the late bus home (see attached form). You will let the parents know what nights you will be tutoring their child. If you are tutoring students from another teacher’s classroom you will need to notify their parents to let them know what nights their child will be staying after school.
If you do not want to tutor but want your students to receive tutoring services let me know and I will make arrangements for them to get a tutor.
You will need to complete the time and effort log for each night of tutoring. This log will be provided to you. This is also the document that will be used to process your payment. When you are ready for payment, sign and submit to your supervisor. Once the supervisor signs, they need to send the forms to Debbe Poitra at the Business Office.

Thank you,
Barbara Delorme
to JADA MORIN, CHAYNEE MARCELLAIS, KYLE PATNAUDE and CONNER BERCIER, for taking 1st place a the State Science Fair.

Ms. Carrington, Lacey and class.
Graduate Courses Being Offered
Writing Lesson Templates for Reading Instruction--2 credits

Next Steps in Vocabulary Instruction--1 credit

Math Centers for Supplementing Instruction--1 credit

All classes will start next week and will be completed outside of work hours. The schedules for due dates will be staggered to accommodate those who wish to take all three courses.

Please stop and see, phone or email Dr. Leonard if you are interested, or if you have questions. The courses are ONLY for TMES staff.

Thank you
Science Fair
34th Annual Native American State Science Fair Winners from Turtle Mountain Elementary:
Congratulations to all science fair participants. Your outstanding achievement gives testament to the fact that you put in the time and effort and it was rewarded. We are very proud of your accomplishment against the tough competition. You represented our community and school very well your behavior was second to none. We want to extend a sincere thank you to all those who helped with the science fair in any way. A special thank you goes out to Kristi Johnsrud, Dave Schnackenberg, and Karen Zaste for chaperoning. Dave was our announcer and did an excellent job. A special thank you to all the parents and families who turned out to support our students, it is wonderful to know that we have amazing support of our students!
Norma Poitra and LaVon Jerome Science Advisors
1st place winners: Conner Bercier (Chemistry), Sydnee Booth (Earth & Planetary), Chaynee Marcellais (Earth & Planetary), Kyanna Greatwalker (Engineering), AbrieAna Dionne (Mathematics), Jada Morin (Medicine & Health), Taryn Marion (Physics), Kyle Patnaude (Plant Science)
2nd place winners: Quinn Keplin (Earth & Planetary), Seathan Amyotte (Engineering), Lita Center (Environmental), Michael Charette (Mathematics), Kayanna Parisien (Physics), Dawn Dauphinais (Plant Science)
3rd place winners: Caden Thomas (Behavior/Social), Stokley Jeanotte (Engineering), Aiden Belgarde (Physics), MiKenzie McCloud (Physics)
W-2's are in my office. All W-2's must be picked up by Friday, January 20th or they will be mailed.

Nurse Stacy is out today, med coverarge will be from 8:00 am to 9:00am and 11:00am to 1:00pm. Please check with your students if they had their meds. No calls will be made.

Nurse Stacy