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4/01/15 > Congratulations
to second grader, Nevaeh St. Germaine for checking out and reading 100 books. We are so proud of you!!
Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Trottier and class.
4/01/15 > Computer classes
will be cancelled from Wed. Apr. 8th to Fri. Apr. 24th due to testing.
3/31/15 > Reminder:
The Advance-ED onsite team visit for our Accreditation will be on
Wednesday and Thursday, April 1 & 2. There are four members on the team
and they will be walking around doing short observations and / or short
interviews with as many of the staff as they can access between their
schedule and our schedules. They are here simply to validate what we told
them in the report you worked on at each grade level in January. Their
purpose is not to critique us as educators, but to verify the information
we reported.

Please assist them in any way possible with directions, information, etc.
in order to make their stay here as productive as possible.

For those of you who comprise the focus groups, please be on time. Be as
honest in the interviews as you were on the report, and provide them with
as much information to adequately answer their questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check with any SIT member.
3/31/15 > Thank You
There are simply no words to express our heartfelt thanks for the prayers, donations and the food that were brought to my home and my daughter Jolene's home after we lost our special Angel CJStrongbearboyhawk Thomas. Loosing CJ has been such a painful experience, but with the love and support from the staff here at the TMES has helped ease the pain for all of us.

Thank you,
Cindy Hawk & family
3/31/15 > Tech. mtg.
on Thurs. Apr. 2nd @ 8:05am in the Ivan room.
3/31/15 >

It has been decided that there will be NO SCHOOL on Easter Monday, Apr. 6th. District staff DO NOT have to report to work. BIE staff must report to work or take leave on Mon. Apr. 6th.
3/30/15 > Sped. Teachers
there will be a mtg. on Wed. Apr. 1st in the Sped. conf.@ 2:30pm.
3/30/15 > TEACHERS
We know that teachers are VERY busy right now. But we are asking that you
PLEASE complete and return your Teaching of Writing response rubric.
Without it we can't honor your preference. We have to correlate staff
responses and turn in the results by Tuesday, March 31. Kudos to fourth
grade!!! You were the first to have it done! We appreciate your effort.
Norma and LaVon, Writing Coaches
3/30/15 > Walking Club
Walking Club is done for the 2014-15 School Year, please send students
home on the bus. Let me know if you have questions.

Barb Delorme
3/30/15 >
Teachers: placements for next year will be in your mailboxes today. Please have parents sign during P/T conferences.

Thank you
Brenda T.
ext. 3331
3/24/15 > Sympathy Card
There is a sympathy card in the office for Becky Hanson, whose mother passed away.
3/20/15 > 3rd & 4th Grade Basketball
will start on Tues. Mar. 31st. You must have a signed permission slip.
3/20/15 > Instructional Staff:
Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) would like to invite you and all
the elementary staff to participate in a survey. We are gathering
information as to whether there is an interest in a Master of Education
program and we would love to hear from all of you.

The survey link can be found below. To access the survey, click on the
link and you will be directed to the survey. The survey will take
approximately 5 minutes to complete and all responses will be kept
confidential. Please note that the survey will close on Friday, April 10th
so I ask that you plan to participate before that date.

Survey Link:
3/18/15 > Music Festival

will be Wed. Apr. 22nd.
3/18/15 > Leave Slips
Staff: Please utilize the electronic copies of leave slips that were provided on the jump drives. Both BIE and Distrct leave slips can be found in the "FYI" folder on the jump drive. Thank you.

3/16/15 > Textbook Adoption
Teachers please use your prep times to evaluate the social studies and reading textbooks that have been provided to you. If you need additional copies of the evaluation rubrics please contact Dr. Leonard.

Evaluations must be completed and individual evaluation rubrics turned in to Dr. Leonard by March 31st.

SpEd teachers, please contact the grade level representative that you work with to complete your textbook evaluations.
K-Billy; 1-Sharon; 2-Jerilynn; 3-Renee; 4-Megan; 5-Justin.

This is your opportunity to evaluate the materials and for your voice to be heard. Please take this task seriously.

Thank you,

Mr. Gourneau
2/27/15 > NDSA
Teachers: In preparation of the NDSA, please review your class rosters and caseloads to be sure we have the most up-to-date information on your students. If your rosters have changed since the MAP testing in January or if you changes in accommodations, be sure to see Peggy to fill out the correct paperwork.

Thank you
2/27/15 > TEACHERS
below you will find a link to preview and take a practice test
in smarter balanced (grades 3-5). We are encouraging you to take a look. We
will have the students take the practice test during computer class in
March, but think that you could get a better idea of what they are
expecting of the students by reviewing it also.
Go to the middle of the page where it says click here to take test. click
sign in. You will be able to take a look at the math and reading smarter
balanced test and also some practice performance tasks.

Judy and Sherri
2/26/15 > BIE STAFF
If you have not received your PIV (Personal Identity Verification), please see Lynea Crissler ASAP.

Thank you
1/23/15 > FISSA+ Training
FISSA Due Date: May 01, 2015
Federal regulations require all users of Department of the Interior (DOI) information technology systems to complete annual training in the areas of information security, privacy, and records management. The Annual End-User FISSA+ course fulfills these three mandatory training requirements.

Missing the Deadline
Users who do not complete this course by the May 01, 2015 deadline will have their BIE Active Directory accounts disabled. If your account is disabled due to not meeting this deadline, you will need to complete the FISSA+ training and then contact the Indian Affairs Helpdesk at 866-703-7100 to get your account re-enabled after verification that the training has been completed.

To prevent network access interruption, you must complete the FISSA+ training prior to the deadline.

BIE staff must turn in to Connie.
1/12/15 > Progress Monitoring
March 30-April 2--Intensive (Red dots)
9/15/14 > TMES Mission Statement

Mission TMCS - Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local

Vision TMCS - Excellence in academics, community and cultural education
where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a

Purpose Statment TMES - TMES employs a team philosophy to empower our
students with the tools to be life-long learners. TMES creates and
maintains a positive and effective learning environment and dedicates
itself to understanding the special needs of our youth, providing for and
affirming the importance of differences in cultural traditions.
8/22/14 > LIBRARY

Look up materials at:

The North Dakota State Library is at:

Accelerated Reader is found at:

APA Citation Machine at:
8/29/13 > TRIVIA

Which two states have official donuts? What kind of donuts are they? Clarence Greatwalker called in with the correct answer, Massachusetts
8/29/13 > Healthy Well Being
Be Positive, Patient and Persistent.


ALL DAY: Donna Parisien, Rusty Parisien, Renee Guilbert, Norma Poitra.

PARTIAL DAY: Patty LaRocque.

Breakfast: Sausage/cheese on bun, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Corn dogs, spaghetti salad, fruit, milk.

Breakfast: Cold cereal, juice, graham crackers, milk.
Lunch: Polish sausage, mashed potatoes, veggies, ice cream, milk.


Happy Birthday Jaydence McCloud! Love Great grandma Bev.
Happy Birthday Jaydence McCloud! Love Mom, Dad & brothers & sister.
Happy Birthday Jaydence McCloud! Love Auntie Lynette.