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3/04/15 > Congratulations
Congratulations to second grader Jona Patnaude for checking out and reading 100 books. We are so proud of you!
Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Trottier & class.
3/03/15 >
Tech mtg. on Thurs. Mar. 5th @ 8:05am in Judy L. computer lab.
3/03/15 > BIE Teachers
if you have a BIE Ed. Tech that you supervise, I placed a green folder in your mailbox. The evaluation forms must be completed, signed and turned in to me by Wed. Mar. 11th.

Lynea C.
Thursday, March 5, 2:30pm in SpEd Conf. room.
2/27/15 > NDSA
Teachers: In preparation of the NDSA, please review your class rosters and caseloads to be sure we have the most up-to-date information on your students. If your rosters have changed since the MAP testing in January or if you changes in accommodations, be sure to see Peggy to fill out the correct paperwork.

Thank you
2/27/15 > TEACHERS
below you will find a link to preview and take a practice test
in smarter balance(grades 3-5). We are encouraging you to take a look. We
will have the students take the practice test during computer class in
March, but think that you could get a better idea of what they are
expecting of the students by reviewing it also.
Go to the middle of the page where it says click here to take test. click
sign in. You will be able to take a look at the math and reading smarter
balance test and also some practice performance tasks.

Judy and Sherri
2/27/15 > Unpacking Math Word Problems--Assignment due dates have changed
For those who are taking the math course there is a change in the due dates. Please push ALL due dates back one week.

If you have questions, please phone me.

Also, if you are still interested in taking the course, please see Dr. Leonard.

Thank you
2/26/15 > BIE STAFF
If you have not received your PIV (Personal Identity Verification), please see Lynea Crissler ASAP.

Thank you
2/26/15 > BIE Teachers---FYI
Please see attachment if interested in becoming a nationally board certified teacher (NBPTS). All costs will be paid by the Bureau.


2/25/15 > Classroom Observations
A sign-up sheet is at Connie's desk for BIE employees that are evaluated by Freddy. Please pick a date/time for your formal classroom observation. Each day is limited to only 3 openings. Thank you.

The attachment is the framework/form that will be used during the classroom observation.

2/12/15 > PIV Cards
BIE staff: Bureau employees are issued personal identity verification cards (card with a gold chip). If you need a PIV card issued or need to update your existing card due to expiration, click on the following link and schedule an appointment to do so. When on the site, click on the link that says "Schedule appointment" and it will walk you through the steps. You will have to type in "Belcourt, ND" under the location and it will find the address for you. There is only one location that issues these cards in Belcourt, and that is the building next to the police department. When it asks for the organization, you work for the Department of Interior--Indian Affairs/Education.
2/04/15 > Classroom Equipment Orders
Please see attached memo. Thank you.


1/30/15 > Copy Room

Staff: The copy room is open everyday from 8:00a.m. - 11:00a.m. Please submit your copying 2 days before you need them, otherwise your copies might not be done.

Thank You
1/23/15 > FISSA+ Training
FISSA Due Date: May 01, 2015
Federal regulations require all users of Department of the Interior (DOI) information technology systems to complete annual training in the areas of information security, privacy, and records management. The Annual End-User FISSA+ course fulfills these three mandatory training requirements.

Missing the Deadline
Users who do not complete this course by the May 01, 2015 deadline will have their BIE Active Directory accounts disabled. If your account is disabled due to not meeting this deadline, you will need to complete the FISSA+ training and then contact the Indian Affairs Helpdesk at 866-703-7100 to get your account re-enabled after verification that the training has been completed.

To prevent network access interruption, you must complete the FISSA+ training prior to the deadline.

BIE staff must turn in to Connie.
1/13/15 > Depth of Knowledge (Flip chart alternative)
1/12/15 > Progress Monitoring
March 2-6--Intensive (Red dots)

March 9-13--Strategic (Yellow dots)

March 16-19--Intensive (Red dots)

March 23-27--No progress monitoring

March 30-April 2--Intensive (Red dots)
9/15/14 > TMES Mission Statement

Mission TMCS - Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local

Vision TMCS - Excellence in academics, community and cultural education
where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a

Purpose Statment TMES - TMES employs a team philosophy to empower our
students with the tools to be life-long learners. TMES creates and
maintains a positive and effective learning environment and dedicates
itself to understanding the special needs of our youth, providing for and
affirming the importance of differences in cultural traditions.
8/22/14 > LIBRARY

To look up library materials, go to Quick Search:

The North Dakota State Library is at:

To create a bibliography, use the APA style at:

Accelerated Reader is found at:
8/29/13 > TRIVIA

How much of the water on the earth's surface is salt water? How much is freshwater?
8/29/13 > Healthy Well Being
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.



DO NOT prop the doors open while you are outside for recess. Also, all windows MUST be closed in your classrooms everyday before you leave work.

ALL DAY: Aurelia LaFromboise, Ruth Carrington, Tash Marcellais, Roberta DeCoteau.

PARTIAL DAY: Gail Desjarlais, Cynthia Lafontaine, Bobbie Azure, Sherri Trottier.

Breakfast: Cold cereal, toast, pineapple tidbits, milk.
Lunch: Chili, fresh bread, dessert, milk.

Breakfast: Cold cereal, milk.
Lunch: Homemade pizza burgers, fries, fresh fruit, milk.

Breakfast: Cold cereal, milk.
Lunch: Chicken breast, steamed veggies, steamed veggies, dinner roll, ice cream, milk.

Breakfast: Cold cereal, graham crackers, juice, milk.
Lunch: Tuna hotdish, meatless spaghetti, veggies, fruit, milk.


Happy Birthday to Brenda Wilkie! From the office staff.....Wishing you an awesome day!!
Happy 40th Birthday Brenda Jo! Love the Harviells!
Happy Birthday to Brenda Wilkie! From Gaileen.

Happy Birthday to Mary Short! From Cherona & class.
Happy Birthday to Mary Short! From the office staff....Wishing you a wonderful day!!