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Shelly Peltier has cabinets for give away, you may call her @ ext. 3444.

FULL DAY: Billy Houle, Darla Graber, Donna Parisien, Frankie Azure.

PARTIAL DAY: Rene' Plecity, Jessica Patnaude, Darcie St.Vincent, Kali Reid, Randilynn Azure, Annette Hamley, Shelly LaVallie, Jana DeCoteau, Callie Azure.
Nurse Stacy gives meds from 7:45am to 9:00 am and 11:00am to 1:30pm. If student head checks are needed, call to set up a time with her as she has designated times (9:00am-10:00am) in her schedule to do so. If you have concerns after ther designated times, please contact the parent for them to check their child's head.

Thank you.

Mr. Gourneau

Lunch: Hotdogs, chips, oreo cookies, milk.

TMES Mission Statement

Mission TMCS - Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local

Vision TMCS - Excellence in academics, community and cultural education
where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a

Purpose Statment TMES - TMES employs a team philosophy to empower our
students with the tools to be life-long learners. TMES creates and
maintains a positive and effective learning environment and dedicates
itself to understanding the special needs of our youth, providing for and
affirming the importance of differences in cultural traditions.

Look up materials at:

The North Dakota State Library is at:

Accelerated Reader is found at:

APA Citation Machine at:
Admin Email


To Snuzzy L. for always thinking about the students, staff and our community. For always going above and beyond to help others in need. Hats off to you Snuzzy!!!
Secret Santa ~ UPDATE

WOW, it's that time of the year again for some Christmas fun.....There is a sign up sheet in the office if you are interested in joining the Secret Santa exchange. Secret Santa will begin on Mon. Dec. 14th to Fri. Dec. 18th with a $25.00 limit. We will draw names on Wed. Nov. 25th.

Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Mom Connie, Papa Dan, Uncle Mason.
Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Mom Marie.
Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Mom, Joe, Hayden & Eliana.
Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Uncle Kalen & Theresa.
Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Uncle Dane & BB Dane.
Early Birthday Greetings to Remi Azure! Love Randilynn, Michella & girls.
November Group Guidance
3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Teachers:

Please check your emails for your November Group Guidance Schedule. I emailed them out last week. All of my Group Guidance classes will be held in the Braves Pride Store from now until the end of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me @ ext. 3457. Also, please check your emails for monthly schedules.

Peggy Keplin
Healthy Well Being

Great news!! We have another website with ebooks to add to our list - Tumblebooks!
It can be found at
Please use the same username and password as we have for the Pebblego website (on
the card you have).
It is the premium membership, and it has connections to Common Core, as well as many
ebooks (including math) for grades K-5.
I hope you find it helpful.

Lori W.
ANY staff/parent, etc If you would like to get a text from the School Messenger system text to:

68453 and text the word YES and they will receive the messages also via

BIE STAFF: You may schedule for your PIV cards at the email address below.

The supply room is open one week per month so please remember your day and your list. The supply room will be open the first week of each month from 8:00-8:30.

Thank You
Reminder that SENDIT EMAIL will be completely gone and inaccessible after December 31st, 2015. Please make sure that you have forwarded over any important messages to your new K12 address and changed your email address in places you need to! We will not be able to do anything or retrieve old messages from that system once it is gone. If you have not logged into your K12 email by now, the librarians have a list with your new email and temporary password.

Wed. Nov. 25th
8:45am - Jeanotte/McCloud
10:00am - Azure/Lafontaine

Tues. Dec. 1st

Wed. Dec. 2nd
8:45am - Trottier/Poitra
10:00am - J. Waldera

Tues. Dec. 8th
8:45am - B. Malaterre
10:00am - F. Azure

Wed. Dec. 9th
8:45am - I. Trottier
10:00am - M. Allard

Tues. Dec. 15th
8:45am - M. Delorme
10:00 - J. Tillich

Wed. Dec. 16th
8:45am - J. Frederick
10:00am - R. Carrington

Tues. Dec. 22nd
8:45am - G. Parisien
10:00am - J. Azure

Tues. Jan. 12th
8:45am - K. Reid
Teachers (esp 3-5):
We now have Pebblego Next. There are two ways to get there. One is to go to the
login page at The login and password are the
same as Pebblego.

The second way is easier because you don't have to put in a login and password.
Just go to our elementary bulletin, click on ES Library, and then click on Pebblego

Have fun!
Lori W.
Subsitute Roster Order
The following teachers are "on deck" when a sub will be needed:

Rene' Plecity
Betty Jeanotte
Jessica Poitra
Cynthia Lafontaine
Sharon Allard

Please see attachment for complete list/order. Thank you.



BIE Employees
The 2015 Federal Benefits Open Season (for the 2016 plan year) runs from Monday, November 9, through Monday, December 14. This is if you want to add, change, or cancel health, dental, or vision plans. A new plan type is being offered for health coverage called the "Self plus One." Click on the following link for more details:

See attachment below as it explains in detail open season for federal employees.


No Shave Novembeard

The following staff joined the Novembeard to help raise money for Christmas for the TMES students. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the men or would like to make a donation please see Connie at the front office.
Shonn Lafloe, Wiley LaRocque, Dave Gourneau Jr., Loren Peltier, Ian Marcellais, Michael Day, Merlin Pays, Nick Parisien, Mr. Dave, Chad Belgarde, Linus Parisien, Ike Trottier, Lloyd Parisien, Chris Beckman, Eugene Monette, Melvin McCloud, Brandon Poitra, Freddy Poitra.

A BIG thank you to all the participants!!!
Dates the students will be attending the movie at Curt's Theatre.
Tues. Dec. 15th ~ Morning (1st Grade)
Tues. Dec. 15th ~ Afternoon (Kindergarten)

Wed. Dec. 16th ~ Morning (4th Grade)
Wed. Dec. 16th ~ Afternoon (3rd Grade)

Thurs. Dec. 17th ~ Morning (5th Grade)
Thurs. Dec. 17th ~ Afternoon (2nd Grade)

The movie will be either Good Dinosaur or The Peanut Movie.
Useful links
Check out the new "Useful Links" tab on the left! Quick, easy access to commonly used school resources.
PBS Tickets
When handing out PBS tickets, please write their full name and the reason on the back and explain to the student why they are getting a ticket. During the drawings the students are asked why they received a ticket and some have no clue, some say for finishing my homework, for being good, for walking quietly. These are things that are expected of our students. Tickets should be given to students who have gone above and beyond daily expectations. Also, we've notice some teachers haven't given any tickets because when we are drawing we try to draw one from each classroom and can't find certain teachers. So please be consistent.
Thank you,
PBS Team
Please let the front office know when you have any in classroom activities, concerts, after school activities, etc. There are many phone calls that come through the front office and we do not have the information. This will help us not to disrupt you during classroom instruction.

Thank you
Mr. Gourneau
Grade 3-5 Teachers
the October iTest must be completed by December 4. You may complete the test in your classroom using the Chromebooks or call Rusty Parisien if you would like to schedule a test time in his room.
Christmas for students
Mon. Nov. 30th mustaches, tattoos and stickers will be for sale at the office for $1.00. All proceeds will benefit students for Christmas.

Please come and support such an awesome cause.
Sped. Teachers
There will be a mandatory sped meeting on Monday November 30 at 7:30-815. If you cannot be at meeting by 7:30, please attend upon arrival at work. Thank you
12 Days of Cheer
Show off your baking skills and bring in your favorite snack, dessert, baked goods, appetizers, etc.
All staff is asked to participate so all can enjoy the treats.

Tues. Dec. 8th ~ Office
Wed. Dec. 9th ~ Sped. Teachers
Thurs. Dec. 10th ~ 4th Grade
Fri. Dec. 11th ~ 1st Grade
Mon. Dec. 14th ~ Related Arts/Coaches
Tues. Dec. 15th ~ Kindergarten
Wed. Dec. 16th ~ 2nd Grade
Thurs. Dec. 17th ~ 3rd Grade
Fri. Dec. 18th ~ Kids Day
Mon. Dec. 21st ~ Paras/Ed. Techs
Tues. Dec. 22nd ~ 5th Grade
Wed. Dec. 23rd ~ Kitchen