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5/21/15 >

We are back to loading buses at 3:40-3:45 pm.
5/21/15 > Wall Hangings
Please remove all classroom wall hangings as it is the plan to either paint or wash classroom walls over the summer. Thank you.
5/21/15 > Old Textbooks
Please keep 5 old textbooks (StoryTown). Send the rest home with students before the end of the year. Also keep the StoryTown leveled reader books. Since we haven't yet received Social Studies, it would be wise to keep them until the new series arrives.

The old math series books are in storage by Mr. Dave's room. Give those to your students as well if you would like. Otherwise they are going to be disposed of over the summer.
5/21/15 > Tornado Drill
Next week there will be a tornado drill. Please read the procedures in your EPP manual.
5/21/15 > BIE Employees
if you have a TSP Loan out, you must see Lynea so it can be exempt for the summer.
5/20/15 > 3 on 3 Basketball

Date: May 23rd, 2015

Name: Gathering of the Ballers

Location\start time: Belcourt ND, Turtle Mountain Community High School. Sign-up starts at 8:30 Saturday morning.

Division: High School Seniors thru 4th grade Boys & Girls.
Deadline & Entry Fee: $10 for each player.
Contact: Eric Dionne 550-2311 or Aleta 278-0063, call or text.
Awards: 1st place- will be awarded for all grades. MVP
All proceeds will go towards 2 very talented basketball players in our community, while they travel for basketball tournaments thru the summer.
FAITH DIONNE will be attending the Flying Hawaiian Basketball Showcase in June, where she will be playing for college coaches. FAITH will also be traveling to Phoenix Arizona to play in NABI- Native American Basketball Invitation in July, just to name a few of the tournaments she will be attending.
BRIGHTON DELORME will be traveling with her NORTH DAKOTA PRO team this summer she will play throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota.
5/19/15 >
In order to be prepared for next SY, we are asking that all Strategies for Writers materials be returned to the G/T room. Thank you for your cooperation.

Norma & LaVon
5/19/15 > Perfect Attendance

Teachers these are the students with perfect attendance. Please let me know if I missed anyone.
Ashley Amyotte, Kutter Belgarde, Kerrie DeCoteau, Tighe Delong, Ethan Demery, Tyriece Griffin, Landon Jerome, Taryn Marion, Emberlyn Poitra, Thailyn Poitra, Boss Short, Keesean Wilkie, Carter York.
5/19/15 > Congratulations

KUDOS to staff and students for making phenomenal gains on the Spring NWEA MAP. Every grade level in EVERY subject met or exceeded their growth goal. It is a first for TMES! We also have grade level averages that are at or above the national norm score, another first for TMES! Your hard work and dedication has paid off. We are in the midst of blazing a new path for our students, school, and community. Enjoy your "leisure" day on Tuesday, May 26th. It is well deserved by ALL.

5/06/15 > Boys/Girls Basketball Camp

WHERE:Turtle Mountain Elementary School

WHEN: Monday June 29th-Friday July 10th
- 3rd & 4th Grade Boys/Girls - 9:00am-12:00pm
- 5th & 6th Grade Boys/Girls (Session 1) - 1:00pm-4:00pm

Monday July 13th-Friday July 31st
- 5th & 6th Grade Boys/Girls (Session 2) - 9:00am-12:00pm
- 7th & 8th Grade Boys/Girls - 1:00pm-4:00pm

Camp Director: Dr. Eugene Monette, Physical Therapist. EXT. 3465

5/04/15 > CLASS TRIPS
Fri. May 22nd
Movie/Rolla ~ Activities

Fri. May 22nd
1/12/15 > DIBELS Benchmark Assessment--EDITED

Assessment booklets were put in your mailboxes this morning. If there was not a booklet in your mailbox please look for it in your classroom as it was not turned in after the middle of the year testing.

Grades 3, 4 and 5: DAZE Benchmark booklets were put in your mailboxes at noon (3/6/15). Three minute assessment. If you have students who are new and need the full directions, please contact me. If you having students who have been added and you need additional booklets--THEY ARE IN MY MAILBOX. Please help yourself.

DAZE Benchmark assessments are due May 15th. Please remember to alphabetize them before handing them in.

EOY DAZE still out: Frankie Azure, Rhawnie Marcellais, Justin Tillich--PLEASE turn them in as soon as possible.

9/15/14 > TMES Mission Statement

Mission TMCS - Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local

Vision TMCS - Excellence in academics, community and cultural education
where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a

Purpose Statment TMES - TMES employs a team philosophy to empower our
students with the tools to be life-long learners. TMES creates and
maintains a positive and effective learning environment and dedicates
itself to understanding the special needs of our youth, providing for and
affirming the importance of differences in cultural traditions.
8/22/14 > LIBRARY

Look up materials at:

The North Dakota State Library is at:

Accelerated Reader is found at:

APA Citation Machine at:
8/29/13 > TRIVIA

8/29/13 > Healthy Well Being
Appreciate everything you have!!


FULL DAY: Billy Houle, Carrie Nelson, John Jeanotte, Sandy Azure, Chantel Desjarlais, Darwin Bucholz, Mike Day, Dave Schnackenberg, Merlin Pays, Peggy Keplin, Brenda Trottier, Judy LaRocque, Carol Smith, Janice Poitra (2), Delilah Martin, Tabitha Gourneau.

PARTIAL DAY: Tash Marcellais, Jerilyn Vandal, Shelby Davis, Jessica Zaste, Jennifer Frederick, Tracy Wilkie, Patrick (Boetie) DeCoteau, Nicole Demery, Bonita Malaterre.

Breakfast: French toast, fruit, milk.
Lunch: Ham/turkey subs, chips, fresh fruit, milk.

LOST: Pink receiver for hearing aid. If found please return it to Chantel Desjarlais or Rene Plecity.
Looking for a package
A package was delivered somewhere within the school system from either Trinity Health or Cochlear America. It was signed by someone with the last name Malaterre. This is for a student with a cochlear implant and needs to locate the package. Please call Brenda Trottier @ ext 3331 if you know where the package is. Thank You.