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10/29/14 >
Next week Dr. Paul will be here on Thurs. Nov. 6th.
10/29/14 > Boys Basketball
There will be no practice on Fri. Oct. 31st.

Both teams will be going to Four Winds to play at the Jamboree. Be at the elem. 7:45am, bus will be leaving at 8:00am Sharp.
10/28/14 >
Picture re-takes will be on Fri. Nov. 14th.
Mon. Nov. 3rd & Thurs. Nov. 6th

Thurs. Nov. 13th & Mon., Nov. 17th
1st grade

Thurs. Nov. 20th & Mon. Nov. 24th
3rd grade
10/28/14 > Early Out
Classroom Teachers are to preview upcoming reading/math lessons and work on reflections for the early out on 10/29. Remember your input is needed with upcoming lessons as what changes or additions that might be needed to meet CCSS. All other staff can work in your rooms.

10/27/14 > Braves Pride Store
The Braves Pride Store will be open on Thursday, October 30, 2014. There will be a sign up sheet in the office. We have items for 1-Brave Buck, 5-Brave Bucks, 10-Brave Bucks and 15-Brave Bucks. Teachers will be responsible for their own students. There will be a PBS worker collecting tickets for the prizes at the checkout. If you have any questions concerning the store, feel free to contact Peggy, ext. 457 or Brenda, ext.331. Popcorn Day will be Friday @1:00 for the students who save their tickets. 1 Ticket for popcorn.
10/27/14 > 5th Grade Halloween Dance
5th Grade & Teachers:
There will be a Halloween Costume Dance on Friday, October 31, 2014 @ 2:00 PM.-3:25 PM. for all 5th grade students. Teachers and aides must accompany their students to the dance. The dance is sponsored by the Turtle Mountain Outreach Youth Program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shanna @283 or Peggy @457.
10/21/14 > Teachers
Please put in your students agenda that there will be a Title 1 Annual Meeting on Thurs. Oct. 30th @ 5:00pm at the HS. There will be food, prizes, art show and concert.
10/14/14 > Progress Monitoring
Oct. 27-31--progress monitor strategic (yellow dots).

The sporadic wireless connection has been causing sync issues. If you encounter a sync issue the only solution is persistence. Make sure you are connected to the internet. You are connected when you see an icon in the top left-hand corner of the iPad to the right of word iPad. Return to the mClass app and sync. You may have to login in again because of security reasons you are 'timed-out- when the connection is lost. I hope this helps!
10/06/14 >
IHS will be coming in to do flu shots for staff, students and community during P/T conferences on Wed. Nov. 5th and Thurs. Nov. 6th.
9/19/14 > BIE Employee Beneits/Open Season
9/15/14 > TMES Mission Statement
Mission TMCS - Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local

Vision TMCS - Excellence in academics, community and cultural education
where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a

Purpose Statment TMES - TMES employs a team philosophy to empower our
students with the tools to be life-long learners. TMES creates and
maintains a positive and effective learning environment and dedicates
itself to understanding the special needs of our youth, providing for and
affirming the importance of differences in cultural traditions.
9/15/14 > Dental Sealants Scedule

Tues. Nov. 4th
8:45am - M. Delorme
10:00am - A. Griffin

Wed. Nov. 5th
8:45am - M. Allard
10:00am - J. Waldera

Thurs. Nov. 6th
8:45am - J. Frederick
10:00am - R. Carrington

Mon. Nov. 12th
8:45am - J. Azure
10:00am - K. Reid

Tues. Nov. 13th
8:45am - G. Parisien
10:00am - J. Tillich
9/10/14 > Tentative Early Out Schedule
See attached.

9/09/14 > Supply Room Schedule

The supply room will be open Tuesday (grades 1-2, SPED) & Thursday (3-5, Related Arts) from 8:00-8:30. Kindergarten is 2:30 on Mondays. If you need supplies please follow the days and times. This schedule must be adhered to.

9/08/14 >
Teachers: The following website has a wealth of resources/info that may
help in your planning if you are utilizing StoryTown as a resource during
your ELA time. It contains items related to Common Core, essential
questions, and writing instruction just to name a few. Use it to your
advantage if you so choose. (Thanks Frankie)
5/05/14 > LIBRARY

To look up library materials, go to Quick Search:

The North Dakota State Library is at:

To create a bibliography, use the APA style at:

Accelerated Reader is found at:
8/29/13 > TRIVIA

QUESTION: What makes it possible for crocodiles to go without food for long periods of time?

Jaymin Williams from Ruth Carrington's class called in with the correct answer: They store fat in their tails when food is plentiful.
8/29/13 > Healthy Well Being

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.

~ William Arthur Ward

DO NOT prop the doors open while you are outside for recess. Also, all windows MUST be closed in your classrooms everyday before you leave work.

FULL DAY: Gail Desjarlais, Denise Malaterre, Tammy Laducer, Darla Graber, Melissa Jeanotte. Merlin Pays.

PARTIAL DAY: Gaylene Parisien, Charmaine Johnson, Sherri Trottier, Chris Beckman, Linda Peltier.

Breakfast: Chef's surprise
Lunch: Hotdogs, baked beans, chips, dessert, milk.

LOST: Black touchscreen IPOD. If found please return it to Rhawnie Marcellais, 4th grade.

Missing: Glasses with white sides. If found please return to Jill W. room.

Happy Birthday Sandy Azure! Love Kristy.
Happy Birthday Sandy Azure! Love Mom.
Happy Birthday Sandy Azure! From the office staff...Have a fantastic day!!