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10/23/17 > Attention Teachers

Anyone interested in teaching Cultural Dance two nights a week
need to sign up with Mr. Morin by COB Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.

If more than two sign-up an interview process will be conducted
to select the two candidates.
11/30/16 > Scheduled Events

10.24.17 - NDSA Science Testing

10.24.17 - 12:30 Lyceum - Author Van Draanen ( Will release students from the office)

10.26.17 - AIMS Probe

10.26.17-PBIS Popcorn & Pop Sale-proceeds generated for store

10.31.17 - Halloween

11/30/16 > Bus Duty

Week of 10.23.17 thru 10.27.17

Group 1 


Bus #1- 3 - Kyle Seggara, Brenda Pederson, Stephanie Allery


Bus #4-9 - Patty Gourneau, Shirley Malaterre, Renae Thoms


Bus #10-13 - Shelly Brien, Sally Jelleberg, Carol Sims, Kerry Morin


Bus #14-20 - Jackie Mundy, Jeannine Buxton, Victor Falcon, RT Marcellais


Bus #21-27 - Alexis LaRocque, Diana DeCoteau, Andrea Herman, Danielle Poitra





11/30/16 > Staff Out

Monday, October 23th

Full Day

Jayne Nieman - Arlene

Dennis Parisien - Curtis

Melonna Plant-travel

Sherry Armentrout

Carrie Azure

Jordan Dionne-Gladys

Morgan Hanson

Melissa Vallie-Michelle


Partial Day

Kristen Sandberg - 2:30-4:00

Diana DeCoteau - 10:30-11:30 (Gertie)
















School Menu


Breakfast:  Cerel, Muffin, Fruit, Milk

Lunch:  Ham Patti/Bun, Lettuce Salad, Fruit, Milk



Breakfast: Egg Patti/Bun, Fruit, Milk

Lunch:  Beef Stew, Gullet, Celery Stick, Fruit, Milk



Breakfast:  Cereal, Graham Cracker, Fruit, Milk

Lunch:  Hamburger Gravy, Mashed Potato's, Green Beans, Fruit, Milk



Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Fruit, Milk

Lunch:  Macaroni Hot Dish, Lettuce Salad, Pudding Desert, Fruit, Milk



Breakfast:  Pancakes, Fruit, Milk

Lunch:  Polish Sausage, Chips, Beans, Carrot Stick, Fruit, Milk









Turtle Mountain Community Middle School Dress Code

Students should be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. All caps and coats will be placed in locker prior to beginning of first period. Caps will not be permissible until dismissal. Coats will be allowed during recess and emergency situations only.

The TMMS prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the school's judgement may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations. The TMCMS prohibits pictures, emblems, or writing that are lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene or that dipict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited by law.

Examples of inappropriate dress include:

Pajamas, slippers, very short shorts/skirts, tops, that reveal cleavage (ex. tube tops, low cut tops, spagetti straps) bandanas /sunglass's hoods up during the school day, no visible underwear/sagging pants/clothing and footwear not appropriate to season (shorts, flip flops worn during winter months & etc.)

If a staff member determines that a student's dress or grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school.

On the first offense of the dress code

a student may call home for proper apparel.

Repeated offenses

The principal, in cooperation with the advisor, coach or other person in charge of an extracurricular activity, may regulate the dress and grooming of students who participate in the activity for a period determined by the principal or sponsor and may be subject to other disciplinary action.

School Safety Corner

The School has a new hotline report gang incidents, bullying, etc. Gang/Bullying Prevention Hotline Phone: 701-278-0145
Principal's Corner


Staff Reminder: All family/visitors need to check in at the front office. The office will not allow any visitors to go to classrooms. If a staff member is on duty hours you will not be called out of your classrooms unless you are on break. A message will be taken at the front office.





Lost & Found

Thank You

Thanks to all of the staff, students, and parents who donated for the author visit gift!. We received a generous contribution today from a parent that hit our goal! (Their daughter told me they read the announcements daily!) Thank you again everyone for helping in making this lyceum a memorable one for our visiting author. I'm excited for Tuesday!

Sally Jelleberg



A special Thank You to the 7th grade Team, Alexis LaRocque, & Melonna Plant for all your hard work. I was very impressed with all of you.

Roberta DeCoteau.

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring is held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. There is a limit of 8 students per tutor.  Teachers are respoonsible for contacting parents and signing up students.  All grade levels will be accepted by all tutors.  Students are to meet in the commons area/cafeteria after school and tutors will escort to tutoring.

  • Peggy Azure
  • Carol Sims
  • Alison Desjarlais
  • Patty Page
  • Cyndi LaFloe

The sign-up sheets and a calendar will be placed by the staff mailboxes.  Tutors will be located in C. Delormes, Mike C, & Melissa L. rooms

Staff: Students who are NOT signed up for tutoring CANNOT be dropped off with tutoring teachers.

If you keep a student after-school YOU are responsible to ensure that student gets home after hours.


Sports Corner



MS students who still have shorts for Volleyball need to hand them into me or they can't participagte in another sport until all the uniforms are handed in.

Shelby Davis


Early Out


Greetings=Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Dr. Loretta DeLong
We Love You!!!
Ben, Marianne, & Ashley

Happy Birthday to Dr. Loretta DeLong
From the Turtle Mountain Middle School Staff & Students
Have A Great Day!!!!

Happy Belated 13th Birthday to Caden Belgarde
Love Mom, Dad, Zack, & Braxtyn

Belated Birthday Greeting to Caden Belgarde
Happy 13th Caden
Love Auntie Marsha, Uncle Steve, Skyler & Mylee

Happy Belated Birthday to Caden Belgarde
From the Turtle Mountain Middle School Staff & Students
Have A Great Day!!!!
Student Corner

Picture Retakes will be November 17th


Library News

The most efficient way to get your AV and Technology problems addressed is by submitting an online work order. The link for this is listed below.

Nurse's Note's

On Thursday, November 9th starting at approximately 9:00am, the Public Health Nurses will be here for Height and Blood Pressure screenings for 6th grade students only.

They will also be here on November 16th to provide vision screenings for 7th grade students that did not participate with Walking Shield. This will be starting around 9:15am.


JUST A REMINDER!!! Students should get a pass before dropping in on our nurse Mrs. LaRocque. Emergencies will be handled as neccesary.

There is a broccoli airborn allergy in our school, please do not bring broccoli into our school.

Students : Please do not use any type of perfumes/body sprays/or strong scents. Due to student allergies. These types of strong scents are not allowed in school.




On Tuesday, October 24th, Public Health Nursing will be here at 3:30pm to offer the flu vaccine to STAFF. Consent forms will be available in the Nurse's Office if you would like to fill it out in advance.

School Dance

There will be a Halloween Dance Halloween Dance

When: Wednesday 10/25

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Cost: $3

Criteria to attend: Student of TMMS and no referrals for Quarter 1

Gift cards for best costumes

10 chaperones are needed

Please let Kathy Desjarlais know if you are willing to chaperone.



Smarter Balance




Student of the Month

Turtle Mountain Middle School

Student of the Month -  October


6th Grade:



7th Grade:



8th Grade: 



Related Arts Students of the Month - October   


6th Grade:



7th Grade: 



8th Grade: 







Student of the Quarter!!

Turtle Mountain Middle School 

Students of the Quarter 

6th Grade:


7th Grade: 


8th Grade:



Related Arts Students of the Quarter 1


6th Grade:



7th Grade:  



8th Grade:



Staff Information

Student of the month is due the last Tuesday of the month

Student of the quarter is due last Tuesday of the quarter

Please e-mail the list to me. Shirley M.



Also students are not allowed to purchase candy/water/ect. from classroom sales during lunch.  Students will not be released from lunch to purchase any items.  Students may purchase water from the machines in the cafeteria.



Student Council

Student Council will meet on Thursday, 10/26 at 2:40 pm in Ms. Desjarlais room.

Student Council elections will be tomorrow. All mamawi teachers will be emailed a link. Please show your students the speeches (really short 2:16) prior to voting. Please return your ballots to either Kdesjarlais' room or mailbox by the end of the day Friday. Thanks for your help

PBIS- Dates/Orders

PBIS is up and running. The Related Arts will come to each team meeting with the info to get you started. The related arts team will also inform the students in their classes about the program. Mamawi teachers ,discuss the PBIS program in your mamawi also The first quarter orders will be placed on: 

Nov. 6th for the 8th grade,

Nov. 7th for the 7th grade

Nov. 8th for 6th grade

Please mark those dates on your calendar.

Susan Boucher Music teacher

Please note that my Email address has changed to

The PBIS Popcorn Sale will be the afternoon of Thursday October 26. Popcorn will be $1 a bag and pop will be $1. We are asking for donations of pop from staff, you can bring it to any related arts staff. The proceeds of popcorn sales will be used to restock the PBIS store.

Thanks Related Arts

Athletics for Fall


6th Grade Boys Basketball practice will be at the Elementary. Players ride bus 11 to the Elementary for practice.

Staff Corner


There has been many students in the Staff Lounge purchasing candy, soda, and using the microwave. The staff lounge is for STAFF only.  Students are not allowed access to or soda machines.   Students are not allowed to puchase items for themselves or their teachers.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN STAFF LOUNGE.

Thank You,

Mr. Morin 

Return Football Equipment

These Students Need to Turn in Football Equipment ASAP

Brianna Thomas

Tanner Grant

Coach Baumgartner

On Tuesday, October 24th, Wendelin Van Draanen will be here. Students will report to their Mamawi's at 12:15 and grade levels will be called by the office around 12:30.

Students will sit in sections...6th grade on FAR south bleachers...7th grade on middle SOUTH bleachers (next to the 6th grade) and 8th grade on middle NORTH bleachers (next to the 7th grade). NO students on FAR NORTH bleachers. There will be a slide show presentation and speech. The lyceum will last approximately 45-60 minutes.

PRIOR to the lyceum, please let students know they will be dismissed by grade levels. They should remain seated until their grade level is announced. When students are dismissed, it will be announced which class period we are in and that is where they will depart to.

Sally Jelleberg
Upcoming Sport

The Belcourt School Board and Administration has approved Girls Soccer as a new offering for females at Turtle Mountain Community Schools for grades 7-12. Turtle Mountain Community School contacted the North Dakota High School Athletic Association and let them know that we would be starting a soccer program in the Spring of 2018. We are on track to get games and participate as a bona-fide NDHSAA JV team. We will do a slow two year matriculation into a varsity schedule. We plan on starting with 9 games, as a JV, and go full swing with a full JV, WDA season in year 2019. By 2020, we should be able to start our Varsity and have either a Varsity and JV or just Varsity program at that time. During this 1st year, we will not be eligible for tournament play.

I will be meeting with the WDA for scheduling of these games on November 4th in Dickinson.

This offering is a result of student survey, coaches survey, and Title IX PLAYING FAIR self-audits.

Please call with any questions and have a great rest of your week.

Shane M. Martin, Ph.D., CSCS Athletic/Activities Director Title IX Coordinator Turtle Mountain Community School

PO Box 440 Belcourt, ND 58316 (701) 477-6471 ext. 3224

Middle School (6-7-8 grade) wrestling practice will begin Monday Ocotober 30th after school. All wrestlers MUST have a physical when they start practice.

Coach LaRocque
Brave Apparel-National Hoonoor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) & Students Make A Difference (SMAD) are funding raising Belcourt Braves/Bravettes apparel. If you're interested in purchasing any items, there is a link you can go to HTTPS://SHOP.FANCLOTH.COM/58316/323956

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Zaste extension 3250.

Thanks for your help, we appreciate it.

Jessica L. Zaste Special Education Counselor

TMCHS ext. 3250

Staff Shout Out Board

Staff: Please check out the new Staff Shout out Board located next to the mail boxes. Feel free to add any positive comments.

Thank You

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 23 Theme: Red-y to Be Drug Free Wear RED! Activity: Door decorating contest begins.

Tuesday, October 24 Theme: Team Up Against Drugs Wear your favorite sports team jersey/shirt Activity: Door decorating contest continues.

Wednesday, October 25 Theme: Sock It To Drugs Wear RED socks Activity: Door decorating contest continues.

Thursday, October 26 Theme: Black Out Drugs Wear BLACK! Activity: Door decorating contest continues.

Friday, October 27 Theme: Follow Your Dreams Stay Drug Free! Wear pajamas Activity: Door decorating contest winners announced!

DOOR DECORATING CONTEST Decorations must be on the outside of the door. Must be constructed and decorated by the students. Decoration planning can happen prior. Doors must be completed by Thursday, October 26, by 1:00 PM.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

Bernadette.Baker Counselor Middle School Please note my new email :