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8/19/13 > Events

2:30-Student Dismissal
No School
No School
Staff Out:

Admin: Cindy Keplin, Betty Delorme and DJ McGillis.

Personal: April Keplin, Kurt Peltier (10:30-12:30), Pat St. Germaine, Sue Nelson (9:00-3:00), Sherry Manning (3:00-4:30), Virg Bercier, Chris Gillis and Keith LaVallie.

Lunch -
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day October 15
"All of us begin to rethink what is good about ourselves - put the past where it belongs - and get on with the possibilities of the present!"
--Howard Rainer, TAOS PUEBLO-CREEK
There is a saying, you move toward and become that which you think about. So the question for today is, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking bad things about yourself or are you thinking good things about yourself? Are you thinking about a worldly life? Are you thinking good things about people or are you gossiping about people? Are you focusing on past things or are you living in the future? We need to bring our thoughts into the NOW, right here.

Great Spirit, let me experience living in the present moment.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Robin Delorme, Have a wonderful week! From Susie, Cheri, Emilie, Mary & Students.
Happy Early Birthday Mary Lyons, Have a great week! From Susie, Cheri, Emilie & Students.
Happy Early Birthday Greetings to Charles Delorme, Have a great weekend! From Susie, Cheri, Emily & Mary Lyons.
Happy Early Birthday Mary Lyons my "old" friend, From your "younger" friend Lana.
Happy Early Birthday Connie Baker, Hope you have a great day! From Lana.
Happy Early Birthday Lana, From BFF Joanie.
Happy Early Birthday to My Loving Wife Lana, Love Mickey.
Happy Early Birthday Lana, From Kim.
Happy Birthday Robin Delorme, From Leslie & Student Council Members.
Happy Birthday Doll and "Natalie" Luv Ya, Raylene.
Happy Birthday to Lana, from your faves, Khara & Connie!!
Happy Birthday to Connie, from your buddy Khara & family

please mark the following students "X" periods 2nd-7th: Christin Gillis Lexi Davis(12) Mikayla McCloud Chandler Poitra Alexis Davis (10)Cheryl Lilley Darah Lenior Jazzmin Keplin Amber Belgarde Taylor Keplin Madison Breland Cheyane Decoteau Haley Poitra Halle Short Mykaylynne Belgarde Ashaye Decoteau Jenna Blue, Jaron Labret. Please release these students at 8:45 to load the bus. (Coach Keplin)
is selling T-Shirts to help with Cancer Awareness and the attendance group. The shirts are Maroon & Gold and cost $15.00 for Small-XL and $20.00 for 2XL-3XL. Our Cancer Awareness nights will be October 21st for Volleyball and October 24th for Football. If you are interested please stop by in room B202. (Renee Aalund)
In order to "NOT" disrupt your classroom sessions, can you please release students for activities as listed in the bulletin for those specific times. (Thank you, Shane Martin)
Community Service Hours
Byron Dorgan Youth Wellness Center is looking for volunteers/students for the upcoming Zombie Run on October 26th. We are looking for students to dress as zombies and try to grab flags from the participant's belts, get the course set up, and for clean up afterwards. If this event applies to your duties, as required by your school's definition of community service, this will give you 4 hours of community service. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ronna LaRocque at 278-0446 or at
Today's Schedule (Wednesday, October 15th, 2014)
8:09-8:14 - Passing
8:14-8:42 - 1st Period
8:42-8:50 - Passing
8:50-10:50 - Presentation
10:50-10:55 - Passing
10:55-11:23 - 2nd Period

Lower Level
11:23-11:48 - Lunch
11:48-11:53 - Passing
11:53-12:21 - 3rd Period

Upper Level
11:23-11:28 - Passing
11:28-11:56 - 3rd Period
11:56-12:21 - Lunch

12:21-12:26 - Passing
12:26-12:54 - 4th Period
12:54-12:59 - Passing
12:59-1:27 - 5th Period
1:27-1:32 - Passing
1:32-2:00 - 6th Period
2:00-2:05 - Passing
2:05-2:33 - 7th Period
TMCHS CTE 50/50 Raffle,
if you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a 50/50 Raffle, please see Eric Poitra or Ryan Keplin. All proceeds will go toward the TMCHS CTE Scholarships. Tickets are available Monday-Friday and the cost is $5.00 each. Drawings will be held every payday at 3:55 pm. Any tickets purchased after 3:00 (pm) the day of the drawing will be added to the next pay period drawing.
Staff & Students - Morning Gym
There has been food brought into the gym before classes. If this continues we will not be able to use the gym. Staff, please share with your students. (Mr Keplin)
Attention Wrestlers,

Hydration Assessment will start at 2:45 (pm) in the band room. (Mr. Dixon)
Student Council,
the following students will be absent periods 2th-7th on Thursday, October 23, 2014: Waylon DeCoteau, Edward Falcon Jr., Brek Laducer, McKenzie Jerome, Curtis Ferris, Dawson Zerr, Cheryl Lilley, Ayannah Charette, Syann Golus, Kilyn Parisien-Hill, Stacy Davis and Tristan DeCoteau. Teachers please release these students at 8:30 (am). (Leslie DeCoteau)
Pink Week
is next week at the TMCHS. Pink Week is celebrated to make people more aware of cancer. Pink night for Volleyball will be held on Tuesday and for Football on Friday. We will have a bake sale at the Volleyball game and do a raffle at the football game. Please come out and support Cancer Awareness and our sports teams. Remember to get your pink on. (Mrs. Aalund)
11th grade students will be NDSA testing next week. We will be testing only two hours, on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 from 8:15-11:00 (am). We will be taking only the science portion of the NDSA. We will be transporting the students to the St. Ann's gym for the test. Please remind students to be time, and eat a good breakfast. If they miss the test, they will be pulled out of class to do make-up, so encourage your students to be here on test day. If your students have questions, they can come and see me. (Gaileen Davis, 11th grade counselor)

the following students need to turn in your equipment and jersey ASAP: Anthony Hoeger, Anthony LaVallie, Chance Brunelle, Cody Desjarlais, Eric LaFountain, Hayden DeCoteau, Jackson Davis, Jordan Davis, RT DeCoteau and Seth Gillis. (Coach Smith)