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8/19/13 > Events

2:00-Admin Mtg.-Conference Rm
3:35-IEP-Manning/St. Germaine-Rm B104
3:35-IEP-Eman/LaVallie-Rm A212
3:35-IEP-Stewart/Manning-Rm A126
2:00-Guidance Mtg.-Conference Rm
3:35-IEP-Eman/R. Keplin-Rm A212
7:00-Varsity Football @ Bismarck St. Mary's
TBA-Varsity Cross Country @ Bismarck Invitational
Staff Out:


Personal: Nancy Henry, Chris Smith, Alison Keplin (7:45-?), Terry Allery (pm), Sue Nelson (3:00-4:00), Wally DeCoteau (1:00-4:00), Stacy Davis (2:00-4:00), Andrea Laverdure (7:45-?), John Demery (8:00-?), Stuart LaFountain (8:00-9:30), Susie Delorme, Lois Bercier, Gary Houle (8:00-?), DJ McGillis (9:00-11:30), Jessica Williams (2:30-4:30) and Kim Parisien (3:30-4:30).
the Biggest Loser weigh-ins will be held today from 7:30-4:00 in the P.E. office, please see Mary Blue, Patti Marcellais or Cheri Poitra. Please give Patti Marcellais your team name by tomorrow.
The Tribal Diabetes
program were asked to come up to the High School and screen employees for a weight loss challenge going on. As long as we are up there we are requesting to screen ALL employees on a volunteer basis.

Tuesday from 12:00-2:00 (pm) if theres a need will could do a few more days or hours.

*All employees screened will receive a $10.00 gift certificate

*Anyone at risk for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and/or a BMI over 25 will receive a 1-3 month membership to the Byron Dorgan Youth Wellness Center.

We would like to track anyone at risk and help through the process of becoming healthy.

These numbers are CONFIDENTIAL and used for funding purposes

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at

701-477-0060 or 701-278-1149

Thank you

Shana LaFountain
Homecoming T-Shirts
for sale. The cost is $15.00. (Leslie DeCoteau)

Lunch - Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, tossed salad, fruit and milk.
Attention Wrestlers,

if you did not make our pre-season meeting last Thursday, see Coach Dixon ASAP.
Attention: Class Advisors, HOOP Teachers and Administrators
Homecoming week will be September 15th-19th. We encourage you all to enter a float in the parade that will take place Friday, September 19th in the afternoon. (Leslie DeCoteau)
TMCHS Senior Parent Night

will be held on Monday, September 22, 2014 at 5:30 (pm) in the commons area. Reggie Jackson will be sizing seniors for their cap, gown and tassel. He will also be taking class ring, senior announcements and accessary orders.

Special Parent Night Savings:
Cap, Gown and Tassel Units are $17.95 if ordered on Parent Night ($22.95 after the 22nd, and $30.00 after January 1st, 2015).

Cap, Gown and Tassel Units are FREE if you order a Class Ring on Parent Night. Ring prices start at $139.00.

Graduation Packets will be available on Parent Night. All orders placed on September 22nd will be delivered on December 19th at TMCHS.

Cap & Gowns will be delivered in May.

A meal will be provided.

For more information see Lisa Nerpel or Candace Longie.
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day September 16
"To me, the wisdom the Elders have to manifest is in teaching people how to live in harmony and balance with each other and the Earth."
--Sun Bear, CHIPPEWA
You cannot give away what you don't have. You need to give away what you have in order to keep it. Our Elders have lived their lives with a lot of trial and error. They have experienced how to do things well and they have experienced what didn't work for them as they grew old. They know things about living that we don't know. So, through the years the Elders have gained wisdom. They usually have a whole different point of view because of all their experiences. There are two ways to learn. Someone tells us what they did and we do the same thing or someone tells us what they did and we choose not to do it. Both of these paths will help us to live.

My Creator, teach me about choices and decisions and consequences. Put an Elder in my life to guide me
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Neon Summer from your HOOP
Homecoming Activities & Decorating,
LaDene Frederick & Alicia Davis will be here from 5:15 to 7:00 (pm) today through Thursday for decorating, but you "MUST" have your own rides home.
Senior Royalty Candidates,
are Tristan DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Mariah Marcellais and Mikayla McCloud. (Candace Longie)
Student Parking,
students you must bring in a copy of your Drivers License, Registration Card, Proof of Insurance and a Permission Slip signed by your parent/guardian in order to obtain a Parking Permit. (Chris Parisien)
Varsity Cheerleading Practice

will be Monday - Friday at 3:55 sharp "DO NOT BE LATE" at the Bryon Dorgan Wellness Center (Dome). Please contact Alicia Davis (Coach) at 550-9054 with any questions.
after school Mondays - Thursdays until 7:00 (pm) at the Bryon Dorgan Wellness Center (Dome). Please make sure your rides pick you up by 7:00 (pm). This year we will have different units held each month. (Powder-Puff, Flag Football, softball, volleyball, etc.) If you have any ideas feel free to email me at:

Thank you!
if you are having a problem with your locker, there is a sign-up sheet on the Security door. (Terry Allery)
HOOP Teachers,
the following teacher needs to turn in your sign off sheets from HOOP of which students went over the Handbook to Kim Moors ASAP: Gary Thomas. Thank you.
In order to "NOT" disrupt your classroom sessions, can you please release students for activities as listed in the bulletin for those specific times. (Thank you, Shane Martin)
Homecoming Week Themes:
Today (9-16-14) - Camo Day
Wednesday (9-17-14) - Gender Bender Day
Thursday (9-18-14) - Super Hero Day
Friday (9-19-14) - School Spirit Day

Homecoming Dance - Friday, September 19, 2014 (9:00 pm -11:30 pm) (Leslie DeCoteau)
Sunday Academy
at TMCC this weekend. Be there by 11:00 (Mrs. Aalund)
Mrs. Wallette's HOOP & Braves Hour
will be held in room A108 ( Monica Roemmich's old room).
A Blood Drive
will be held on September 25th, 2014 in the gym. If you would like to donate and are at least 16 years old, stop and see Mrs. Aalund for an appointment.
Attention: HOOP Advisors
door decorating contest - judging will take place next Friday. 1st place will receive a pizza party. (Student Council)
Hall Decorating
will take place this week.

Seniors - Math Hallway
Juniors - English Hallway
Sophomores - Social Studies Hallway
Freshmen - Science Hallway

Judging will take place next Friday. 1st place will receive a pizza party. (Student Council)
If you did not attend the meeting last night, please stop to see me at the end of 7th hour. (Mrs Aalund)
See Coach Dixon about a time to fill out your pre-season questionnaire.
Tailgate Party,
anyone interested in helping with the Tailgate Party on Friday, September 19th, 2014, see Leslie DeCoteau. We will start at 3:30 (pm).
Junior HOOP Advisors,
have your students vote and return the ballots to Leslie DeCoteau or put them in Charles Delorme's mailbox. Thank you.
Community Service Hours
Byron Dorgan Youth Wellness Center is looking for volunteers/students for the upcoming Zombie Run on October 26th. We are looking for students to dress as zombies and try to grab flags from the participant's belts, get the course set up, and for clean up afterwards. If this event applies to your duties, as required by your school's definition of community service, this will give you 4 hours of community service. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ronna LaRocque at 278-0446 or at
Drivers Ed,
please mark the following students "X" periods 6th-8th: Trenton Beston and Seth Desjarlais. (Becky Hardy)