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1/01/15 >

3:52-Post Eval-Allery/Manning-Conference Rm
Staff Out:

Admin: Andrea Laverdure, Ella LaRocque (pm), Gary Houle and Spencer Laducer.

Personal: Betty Delorme, Gary Thomas (1:00-4:00), Kim Schoenborn (2:30-4:00), Marilyn Laducer, JaNae Boswell (8:00-9:00), Ray Parisien, Chris Parisien, Robin Delorme, Barbara Nelson, Dorothy Page, Verna Keplin, Chris Gillis (am), Monti LaVallie and Sharon Brunelle.
Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal,
will be at 11:00 (am) tomorrow. Mr. Laducer will sign your check-out sheet at this time. All seniors must help decorate. (Candace & Lisa)
SWAT Wrestling Camp
All wrestlers interested in attending the SWAT Wrestling Camp need to see Coach Dixon as soon as possible. This camp will be held June 17-19, 2015. I have limited spots available and first priority will be given to those wrestlers who finished the season. If you have questions regarding this camp see Coach Dixon this week.

Lunch - Hot Dish, tossed salad, bread/butter, fruit and milk.
2015-16 Football Players,

get your physicals done ASAP for the 2015-16 school year. Physicals that are done now will cover all your next school year sport season. Don't wait until fall when appointments are hard to schedule. (Coach Smith)
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day May 28
"The land is a sacred trust held in common for the benefit of the future of our nations."
--Haida Gwaii - Traditional Circle of Elders
The Creator made the Earth to support life so that life would continue to reproduce, everything would support one another, and future generations would have the same benefits of supply and beauty as the generations the proceeded them. This cycle will only continue to the degree that we make choices and decisions for the future generations. Today, we are too greedy and selfish. We are cheating our children, grandchildren, and the children unborn.

Creator, let me see the consequences of my decisions, and show me how to make healthy corrections.
Happy Birthday!

Senior Check-Out,
today. You must go to all your classes to get your signatures except for the Principal. (Candace & Lisa)
The Patron Catalog
has a new URL -

(Carmen Redding)
make sure you have your cap, gown & tassel. (Candace & Lisa)
World Cafe,
we still have some openings to participate in the World Café. World Café is a forum of issues concerning drugs and alcohol. They are looking for student input and ideas about this problem. It will be held at TMCC from 9:00-3:00. (Andrea Laverdure)
must be cleaned by the end of the day. Anything left behind will be thrown away. (Terry Allery)
if you have failed a core course (English, Math, Science or Social Studies) for 1st or 2nd semester, please see your counselor for information about summer school which is June 15th-25th, 2015. (Andrea Laverdure)
No Late Buses

for the remainder of the year. (Bob Azure)
Thank you,
to Renee Aalund and her students who worked @ the MS last nite. (TMCMS Admin & PAC)