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8/01/17 > Events

March 24th-Regular School Day

March 24th-End of 3rd Quarter

March 27th-Beginning of 4th Quarter

March 31st-Regular School Day
Staff Out:
Admin.- Cory Poitra, Marilyn Laducer

Personal - Jessica Zaste, John Demery, Renee Aalund, Jason Laducer (12:30-4:30), Chad Marcellais (11:00-1:30 & 3:00-5:30), Gary Thomas, Kristy LaVallie (8:00-?), Sheena Azure, Chris Azure, Kurt Peltier and Alison Keplin.
Like the TMCHS Senior News page on facebook for post-secondary information, scholarships and senior meeting alerts.

Also check out the Senior Class web page. Here are the steps to find it:
1. Go to school web site:
2. Click on SCHOOLS.
4. On the left side under IMPORTANT LINKS click on SENIOR CLASS.

Andrea Laverdure, senior counselor
Candace LaRocque & Lisa Nerpel, senior advisors

Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Soup, Salad Bar, bread/fruit/milk
please email all info for bulletin to
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Eric Smith (OUR BIG TEDDY BEAR), Love Roxanne, Shannon and Sean.
Happy 60th Birthday Eric Smith, From Mike, Kim and MJ.
Happy Birthday Brandon LaFountain, From Your HOOP.
Happy 16th Birthday Thayne Marcellais, Love Papa and Grandma.
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Love Mom and Uncle Tristan.
Happy Swee 16th Birthday Thayne "Walter" Marcellais, Love you lots, Love Your Favorite Aunty.
Happy Birthday Eric Smith, From Brad, Crystal and The Girls.
Message from the Superintendent
Due to the increase amount of drugs that are becoming more available within our community and are finding their way into our high school we will be utilizing our dog Elvis more frequently. What does this mean for the high school? It means that Elvis will be visiting the High School randomly at least once per week until the end of the school year. I am putting this information in the daily bulletin so staff and students are made aware that as a school district, drugs will not be tolerated within our high school. As a staff and student body, it is ALL of our responsibility to make our students and staff safe to attend school. Please remember any students caught with drugs will face possible expulsion from the high school.

Thank you,

Dr. Lana DeCoteau, Superintendent
Girls Open Gym
is Monday-Wednesday at 8pm. (Coach Keplin)
Staff - Lunch Tickets
please buy your lunch tickets between the hours of 8:30 am to 11:00 am daily. We can not take cash on the serving line! You can also send someone to buy your tickets for you if needed. Thanks Esther
Wireless Passwords
Public wireless password:braves2016

Student wireless password:studentwireless2016
Native American Political Leadership Summer Program for Juniors and Seniors The George Washington University is encouraging junior or senior students to apply for their three week summer INSPIRE Pre-college Native Teens Initiative. The INSPIRE program offers full scholarships to Native American high school students that includes tuition for one course (3 college credits) in Native Politics and the American Political System, room and board, round-trip air travel and all required textbooks. The program dates are July 2-21, 2017. The application deadline is March 1, 2017. Apply online at . If you have questions, please contact the INSPIRE office at 202-994-5334 or at Contact Carlyss Neufeld or Andrea Laverdure for a flyer.

ND Army National Guard Job Shadow Program for Juniors and Seniors

The Shadow Program is an excellent opportunity for student to observe and participate in a number of career areas. Some that are included are Electrician, Carpentry, Heavy Equipment Operator, Masonry, Survey and Design, Culinary, Band, Information Tech, Law Enforcement, Medical/Dental, Armament (weapons repair), Upholstery, Welding, Machinist, Auto Body and Paint, Electronic Repair, Automotive and Equipment Mechanic, Administrative/Clerical/Supply, Calibration of equipment. The program is available to juniors, seniors, college students and individual who are interested in one of these careers. Each shadow experience will last 3.5 hours in which the shadow participant will be assigned a staff member in the career field of their choice. The participant will learn about the educational requirements, career advancement and day to day job duties within the job. The contact information is or call or text 701-340-6376 for more information. Contact Carlyss Neufeld for a flyer and an application.

Juniors and Seniors University of Nevada Las Vegas is accepting applications for their STEP-UP Program

The program is 8 weeks long and involves the study of diabetes, endocrinology, metabolism, nutrition, and obesity. You will be working in a 35-40 hour per week research experience with flexible starting dates depending on your summer release dates. You will receive a summer research stipend and an all-paid travel to Annual HS Step-Up Research Symposium in Maryland. For more information please contact: Noe Bareng-Antolin, Program Coordinator at noehealani.bareng-antolin@unlv.eduairec or call 702-895-4003. Contact Carlyss Neufeld for a flyer.
If you have above-average scholastic abilities and are interested in learning more in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Engineering, English Studies, Information Technology, Laboratory Science, Mathematics, or Visual Arts, we want you to apply to become a member of the North Dakota Governor's Schools class of 2017.

North Dakota Governor's Schools is a six-week residential program for scholastically motivated North Dakota high school sophomores and juniors. Students live, work, and have fun on NDSU's campus. Governor's Schools academic programs offer high-quality, concentrated instruction from NDSU faculty through classroom experiences, discussion groups, labs, field trips, and other activities. For more information and application, go to Brochures are available from Carlyss Neufeld and Gaileen Davis. If you have any questions about NDGS, please contact Ryan Niemann via email: or via phone: 701-231-6727.
TMCHS Fundraising
Varsity Spectacular Cheer Club!
Sale of I Design clothing and favors- March 2017

Thank you,
Leslie DeCoteau
Also, FCCLA student's are selling chances ($2.00 each) on a Blue Ray. All proceeds are to fund travel to Bismarck to attend the FCCLA meeting.

Ella Mae LaRocuqe
If you still have not ordered your cap and gown please get a money order for $30. You will need to mail it to the following address along with your FULL NAME, SCHOOL, HEIGHT, and WEIGHT. PO BOX 10734, Fargo, ND 58106. If you have any questions on your order please call Reggie at 701-793-9170.
Rodeo Club
Anyone interested in joining rodeo club please contact Cindy Keplin TMCHS Rodeo Advisor to fill out the proper forms. Students must be in grades 6-12 and meet grade eligibility criteria. Contact information is or 477-6471, ext. 3650
Please start turning in your baby pictures and senior pictures to April Keplin or Candace LaRocque as soon as possible.

Candace LaRocque
Summer Camp
Students who will be in grades 7-12 next year, are you looking for something to do this summer? Are you interested in making some money? Here is an opportunity for you. The TMCC Summer Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics applications are here. This is a 2 week camp that involves you in fun, interesting hands-on activities. There is a $300 stipend upon successful completion of the camp. You can pick up an application in Mrs. Aalund's room. The deadline for turning in the application in May 19. We look forward to your participation in the camp.

Thank you

TMCHS-Prom will be April 8, 2017 at the TMCHS Gymnasium. ATTENTION STUDENTS: THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR PROM IS FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017. $30.00 per couple (money is non-refundable once you sign up)

It is necessary for all students/guests planning to attend the prom to adhere to the following:
1.)Only Turtle Mountain Community High School juniors and seniors may invite one other person.
2.)Student must walk in the Grand March with the person they invite.
3.)TMCHS students, freshmen to senior, 14-18 years of age may attend the prom as an invited guest.
4.)Students attending other schools, freshmen to senior, ages 14-18 may attend TMCHS Prom as an invited guest. Formal identification, if from another school must be submitted to the Student Services Director or Athletic/Activities Director verifying this information (i.e. river's license, etc.).
5.)Students who have been suspended from any school shall not attend the prom if the suspension occurs at the same time as the prom.
6.)Students who are under expulsion from any school shall not attend the prom.
7.)Students who have dropped/withdrawn from ANY school during the present school year, in lieu of expulsion will not be allowed to attend the prom.
8.)Once students sign-up for the prom, students must sign a contract agreeing to stay in for the remainder of the evening.
9.)All students must be in "good standing" (not on an assigned out-of-school suspension, alternative to suspension classroom or remediation classroom for disciplinary purposes).
10.)Students following individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA) will be subject to all regulations

Leslie DeCoteau
Toy Bingo
Sophomore class Toy Bingo will be postponed until further notice. Sophomores still need to bring their Toys.

Ella Mae LaRocque
3rd and 4th Grade Basketball
The Youth Basketball league will start on April 3rd, so please have your physicals and waiver packets to the AD office prior to the start of the six week season.

Thank you,
Shane Martin
Reggie Jackson will be back on the following dates to deliver cap and gowns.

April 6-10:30-12:30

April 7-10:30-12:30

April 13-10:30-12:30

Candace Longie
National Honor Society Notice
Registration for these Webinars is now open (you do not have to be a member of the NHS). Parents are welcome to register too. In fact, your professional counseling staff are welcome to participate. Register by visiting

Choosing the College that's Best for you
Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 7:00-8:00 pm
Its great to get accepted to college. But when a student is accepted to multiple schools, then a decision must be made. This session will help students answer the important questions: Where will I be most comfortable and perform best? Which school will be my best "fit"?

First Steps in your College Search
Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 7:00-8:00 pm
This session will give participants the building blocks to begin the college search process...and not get overwhelmed. Go beyond the checklists and timelines and get ready to learn the questions to ask from experts on the front lines.
Teachers, the following students for the Close Up trip to Washington, D.C. during the week of March 26-31, 2017. The students are responsible for collecting their assignments and completing all work that they will miss for the week. The following students are: Yazmyn Azure, Ayannah Charette, Elizabeth Falcon, Taya Domben, Laney Trottier, Chandler Poitra, Edward Falcon, Koby Brunelle

Eric Smith
Seniors please start dropping off items in Candace LaRocque's room as soon as possible for the Silent Auction. If any staff would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

SENIORS: Must have your class motto, flower, and song suggestions by March 24th.

Candace LaRocque
Junior or Seniors
Any junior or seniors that already signed up for prom and would like to run for royalty please see Leslie DeCoteau or Barbara Nelson by Wednesday, March 29.

GT Leadership Meeting
There will be a GT Leadership meeting on Thursday, March 23rd after school.

Kyle Hardy