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Drivers Ed Permit Test (Bottineau)
3:30-IEP-Manning/St. Germaine-Rm B104
Staff Out:

Admin: Cecelia Graybill, Jessica Williams, Corelle Allery, Becky Hardy, Chris Azure, LaDene Frederick and Betty Lou Laducer.

Personal: DJ McGillis, Molly Brunner, Denise Bercier (11:30-4:00), Spencer Laducer, Terry Allery, Virg Bercier, Verna Keplin, Mike Laducer, Luke Laducer and Lisa Pays (10:00-1:00).
Attendance Challenge (Extreme Bowling & Planet Pizza),
the following students will be absent all day: Trevor Baker, Joseph Belgarde, Memphis Belgarde, Rick Belgarde, Jenna Blue, Brandon Bruce, Devin Champagne, Alexis Davis (12th Grade), Ashley Davis (10th Grade), Evan Davis, Jordan Davis, Kenzington Davis, Evan LaRocque, Sarah LaVallie, Noah McCloud, Melvin Nadeau, Owen Parisien, Chyenne Peltier, Danielle Poitra, Bodie St. Claire, Stacy Davis, Ashaye DeCoteau, Christian DeCoteau, Haleigh DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Alexis Delong, James Delorme, Tiaera Delorme, Seth Desjarlais, Joseph Enno, Anthony Fox, Marcus Goulet, Henry Gourneau, Gavin LaRocque, Jaren LeBret, Katelyn Morin, Kelsey Neameyer, Russ Parisien, Seth Peltier, Kalob Poitra, Candace Yellow, Tygre Griffin, Jamison Hall, Kami Houle, Crystal Jeanotte, Kishenow Jerome, Tyra Jerome, Jazzmin Keplin, Taylor Keplin, Joshua LaFloe, Connor LaFountain, Alison LaRocque, Riley LaRocque, RemaSue Lilley, Ariel Nadeau, Blair Parisien, Ernest Payer, Candace Red Elk and Dawson Zerr. (Marilyn Laducer)

Lunch - Chicken Fajitas, fruit and milk.
Members need to bring in pop or chips for Mrs. Dixon. She has volunteered to sell them for us so we can raise money for our "Pay it Forward Trip".

SMAD members need to come in and sign up for pizza selling during Braves Hour. Each week we need 5 people to sell pizza. You can sign up in my room. (Mrs. Aalund)
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day March 3
"For me writing has become prayers that say, `Great Spirit, return to us our freedom, our land, and our lives. We are thankful for the present from which we learn how to be thankful for the past, and how to be hopeful for the future."
--Barney Bush, SHAWNEE
We Native people have really been tested. This testing is having our land taken from us, our culture challenged, and our way of living altered. Gratefully, we have not lost our spirituality. Our spirituality has been the key for our people making it through all of these tests. Our prayers are strong. Indian people have also been able to adjust to change and still keep their culture and spirituality. Today, we should be grateful to the Creator for the present and for the lessons of the past. May our future be guided by the Great Spirit.

Great Spirit, thank You for Mother Earth and Father Sky. Thank You for my life.
Happy Birthday!

Girls Basketball,

the following students will be absent on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 & Friday, March 6th, 2015: Alexis Davis (10th Grade), Ashley Davis, Ramie DeCoteau, Carlie DeCoteau, Faith Dionne, McKayla Peltier, Danielle Peltier, Syann Golus, Jazzmin Keplin, Taylor Keplin, Troyleah Fleetwood, Kwade Keplin and Kilyn Parisien. (Coach Keplin)
Cap & Gowns for Graduating Seniors
are now $30.00. They are to be ordered directly from Reggie. Here is the address, etc....

Jackson Scholastic Services
P.O. Box 10734
Fargo, ND 58106

If you "DID NOT" pay for your caps & gowns you can do so by mailing a money order or check to this address.

Senior Hoop Advisors
It is time to order diplomas for our graduating seniors! Please make a list of students and if they want a middle initial or middle name on their diplomas. Turn this list in to Shelley Morin ASAP. Thank you
Kelsey Walters from TRIO EOC will be here tomorrow, March 24th, and April 7th to help students and their parents with college admissions, college questions, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), scholarships, etc. She can help with anything that assists students in getting to the college of their choice. The sign-up sheets are by Carlyss Neufeld’s office. Please sign up ASAP to reserve your time with her.
Attention Seniors:
If you are attending UND this fall, here is a great program that will help you transition into college.
Aazhogan is a transition program available to American Indian students from tribal high schools and colleges. Participants must be newly admitted freshmen or transfer students. Aazhogan is designed to be a bridge from a tribal high school or tribal college to undergraduate study at the University of North Dakota.
Aazhogan Program Information:.
The 2015 dates for the program are June 1-26 2015
• University Life Course – an introductory overview of classes and campus life at UND
• Student Success Center- an introduction to the SCC, which focuses on advising, learning services, and programs to enhance student success
• Campus Life – learn about living on campus and what’s available at UND
• Community – become familiar with UND’s home, Grand Forks.
Application can be picked up from the Guidance Dept. See Carlyss Neufeld. Deadline is March 10, 2015
Reggie Jackson will be here on April 2nd, 2015 to deliver. This is another chance to order your cap and gown also. The price is $30.00. He will have to get your height and weight. (Candace & Lisa)

please turn in your wrestling gear checked-out to you ASAP. (Coach Dixon)
NDSU College Representative Visit:
will be on Thursday, March 5th at 10:15 am. Megan Ehora from NDSU will be visiting our school. If you would like to see her, there will be a sign up sheet on Carlyss Neufeld's door. You will be excused from class at the time of the visit.
Expanding your Horizons 2015:
on April 25th from 8:30-3:40, NDSU will be hosting an event called Expanding your Horizons 2015 in Fargo, ND. The event is for 7th-9th grade students and gives the students several opportunities to take hands-on workshops. There are engineering, medical, computer science, math, business, and other exciting workshops to choose from. The cost is 15 dollars and transportation will be the parent or guardian's responsibility. For more information and an application go to: Carlyss Neufeld
Drivers Ed,
the following students will be absent today: Hayden DeCotaeu, Isaiah Johnson, Tehya Morin, Brooke Thomas, Mindy Allard, Jayden Baker, Kyler Crissler, Mary Delaney, Alicia Dubois, Seth Vivier, Tanner Brien, McKayla Carrington, Brandon Dauphinais, Marcus Goulet, Elizabeth Falcon, Curtis Ferris, Anita LaRocque, Joshua Mundy, Kira Wallette, Zander Baker, Carmen Belgarde, Skyler Belgarde, Braylee Day, Cheyane DeCoteau, Brooke Dunham, Heather Laducer and Joseph LaVallie. (Becky Hardy)
Weight Loss Challenge,
started yesterday. (Mary Blue)
please turn in your nominations for Student-of-the-Month for February to Kim by 4:30.

please start turning in your baby picture and senior picture to Kim Moors in the main office. Please make sure you have your first and last names on the back of the pictures. (Candace Longie)
Pep Bus,

if any student is interested in signing up to ride the Pep bus to Regionals in Bismarck on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 or Friday, March 6th, 2015, you can sign-up in the main office. Students must be eligible, have a Parent Permission Slip signed and be in good standing. Also students must have $35.00 dollars in order to get on the bus (for meals and gate admissions). We must have 20 eligible students in order to take a bus.(Shane Martin, AD)
GT Language Arts,
any students interested in GT Language Arts, please see Ms. Boswell during Braves Hour for more information on qualifications.
US Department of Energy MEISPP
is a 10 week internship program where Undergraduate/Graduate students gain 10 weeks and High School students gain 8 weeks of substantive professional and technical career experience while working side-by-side with an assigned mentor who is a subject matter expert in the U.S. Department of Energy. Mentors will help students tailor their practical work experience to the larger context of their professional interests.

The 2015 program application is officially closed as of February 27, 2015 however the program will still take applications from our students. Please apply to if you are interested. If you have questions, the contact information is:

Jason Jeter
1814 13th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
202-745-3714 Direct
202-745-3701 Fax
Boys Basketball,

the following students will be absent on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 & Friday, March 6th, 2015: Taven Azure, Seth Azure, Trevor Baker, Colton Birkland, Jordan Davis, Stacy Davis Jr., Lane Day, Seth Gillis, Buddy Keplin, Ryder Keplin, Connor LaFountain, Nate LaFountain, Nathan Martin, Lyle Rader and Jackson Davis. (Coach McGillis)