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2:00 Guidance Meeting
4:30pm Basketball:Boys 9th Game @ Four Winds High School
5:30pm Basketball:Boys JV Game @ Four Winds High School
No work/school
1:30pm Basketball:Girls Varsity Game vs. Jamestown @ home
3:30pm Basketball:Boys Varsity Game vs. Jamestown @ home
Presidents Day - No school/work
Staff Out:
Admin - Chris Smith (pm), Shelley Morin (8:45-?), Mary Blue and Kurt Peltier.

Personal - Kim Schoenborn (3:00-4:30), Eric Smith (12:30-4:30), Candace Longie, Jessica Williams (1:00-5:00), Stacy Azure (pm), Lynn St. Claire, Chris Gillis (12:00-5:30), Kristy LaVallie (12:00-5:00), Betty Delorme, Roxanne Smith (2:00-5:00), Stacy Davis (12:00-5:00), Jessica McGillis (1:30-4:30) and DJ McGillis (1:30-4:30).
Governor Jack Dalrymple appointed Glenda Fauske from the Coalition for Conservation and Environmental Education to serve as North Dakota’s selection coordinator for the 2016 National Youth Science Camp (NYSC). Two high school seniors will receive a full scholarship to exchange ideas with scientists and other professionals from the academic and corporate worlds. The nearly month-long experience includes lectures and hands-on research projects presented by scientists from across the nation; overnight camping trips into the Monongahela National Forest; and a visit to Washington D.C. The selected delegates must not only demonstrate academic achievement in science, but also show potential for thoughtful scientific leadership.

The NYSC experience is offered at no cost to its participants, so that selected delegates may attend regardless of their financial status. Contributions to the National Youth Science Foundation® allow delegates to participate in this “once in a lifetime” experience. Educational and recreational programming, as well as meals, lodging, and round-trip air passage on scheduled airlines are provided free of charge.

Delegates arrive in Charleston, West Virginia, on Wednesday, June 15, and depart on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The NYSC is held near Bartow in the eastern mountains of West Virginia, within the Monongahela National Forest. Application forms are available on the NYSC website at

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 17, 2015 by 6:00 p.m. EST. You may apply at

Glenda E. Fauske
Office: (701) 228-5446 NYSC 2016 Selection Coordinator
North Dakota State University-NDFS
North Dakota American Legion Boys State
is holding their leadership academy from June 12 to 17, 2016 and the North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton, ND. The Leadership Academy is an exciting week long program that gives you firsthand experience running a state government. No lectures, no classrooms - just hands on situations that let YOU take charge and make decisions. Come together with other North Dakota young men who have completed their junior year of high school to work together in competitions and develop your talents and leadership skills. You'll meet new people and experience campus life. There is an opportunity to earn high school credit and to complete the ND Civic test requirements. Two delegates are chosen to represent North Dakota at Boys Nation in Washington DC. See Andrea Laverdure for more information.

Lunch: Nacho supreme, fruit, milk
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day February 11
"Oh God! Like the Thunderbird of old I shall rise again out of the sea; I shall grab the instruments of the white man's success - his education, his skills, and with these new tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society."
--Chief Dan George, SALISH
One thing the Indian people do well is adapt. This is why we survive. We must learn to keep our culture, but also to learn the good things that other races have to offer. Education is the future weapon of Native people. We must learn the legal system, health, science and engineering. Indian people have great contributions to make to the world. We need to educate ourselves so we can better protect the land and our children. Otherwise, we will lose the things and the land that we have.

Great Spirit, make me teachable today.
Girls State Applications,
are available for registration. Dates are June 5th-12th in Grand Forks, ND. For more information or to apply, please see Mrs. Azure. All expenses paid by the American Legion.
Happy Birthday!

Prom & After Prom,
there will be a school wide vote for all students on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 on Prom & After Prom. (Leslie DeCoteau)
Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my loving wife JoAnne, Love Your Teddy Bear (Fabian).
Happy Anniversary to Fabian & JoAnne, From Mick & Lana.
Happy Anniversary to Fabian & JoAnne, From Mike & Kim.
Reggie Jackson will be here on February 24th & 25th from 10:00-12:30 in the H.S. commons area. (Candace & Lisa)
graduating class of 2017, the North Dakota University System announces the North Dakota Scholarship Program. This program recognizes outstanding North Dakota high school seniors for scholastic achievement as measured by their ACT scores. Scholars will be announced in fall 2016 and will receive a letter from the North Dakota University System designating them as North Dakota Scholars. North Dakota Scholars who enroll in a North Dakota college or university will be awarded an in-state tuition scholarship. Students who attend a private institution will be awarded an amount not to exceed the highest public school rate in the state. Not all students who place in the top ninety-fifth percentile will be awarded the North Dakota Scholars award due to limited funding.

Requirements: North Dakota residency, graduate from a North Dakota high school, attend a North Dakota college or university during 2017-18 as a full-time student and have taken the ACT before July 1, 2016

If you borrowed the large stainless steel mixing bowl from the kitchen, please return it. Also if you borrowed any pans or utensils from us please return them. (Dana)
if you have not ordered your cap and gown, here is the information you need to do so as soon as possible. As of January 1st the price went up to $30.00.

National Recognition Products
Attn: Reggie Jackson
P.O. Box 10734
Fargo, ND 58106

Must include: Full Name, school, height, weight & 30.00 Money Order

(Candace Longie)
grades are due by 4:30 on Wednesdays. (Mr. Laducer)
Engineering Summer Program (ESP).
This program is for students who will engage in a rigorous summer program at the U of Wisconsin-Madison. The program is for students wanting to experience what it would take to become an engineer.

Engineering Summer Program (ESP) is a fully funded, six-week residential program for students who will be high school juniors or seniors in the upcoming school year. The ESP course curriculum includes math, physics, chemistry, engineering, and technical communications. Other structured programming such as industry site visits, field trips, guest lectures, workshops, and faculty mentoring will help students gain a better understanding of the field of engineering and its applications. Learn more about the Engineering Summer Program (ESP).

Camp Dates: Saturday, June 18th - Friday, July 29th 2016
The ESP Application will be opened in January 2016.

Andrea Laverdure, Ph.D, NCC, LPCC
The INSPIRE Pre-College program is for Native American Juniors and Seniors who want to spend 3 weeks at the George Washington University (GW) to learn about intergovernmental relations between tribal and federal governments.

The program centers on a full-day experimental undergraduate course taught by GW faculty, Native Politics and the American Political System (3 undergraduate credits), which will offer opportunities for students to meet and interview influential Native advocates who work in Washington DC.

As an added bonus, INSPIRE students live on campus and participate in recreational programs with the community of high school students enrolled in the GW Pre-College programs. The airfare is also paid for. You can find further information at . The deadline date is March 1, 2016.

About the INSPIRE Pre-College Program | The Inspire Native ...

Program dates: July 3 – July 23, 2016. The INSPIRE Pre-College Program is a full scholarship open to Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian ...

(Andrea Laverdure, Guidance)
you must have a winter jacket in order to get on the bus. Also if you have classes in the CTE building you must wear a winter jacket to go across.

(Mr. Laducer)
All students will be required to take semester tests first semester in the core areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies). Students need the experience of taking major tests each year.

All students will follow the test exemption policy, stated below for the second semester.

Exemption Criteria 1:
1. The student has been absent from that class not more than one (1) day during the semester and;
2. The student has not received lower than a 77%-C average of the two (2) quarters-combined;
3. The student has not been tardy (excused or unexcused) more than two (2) times during the semester.
4. Student has not been assigned RC/Alternative to Suspension Classroom (ASC) for discipline reasons for one (1) full school day or more.

Exemption Criteria 2:
1. The student has not been absent from that class more than two (2) days during the semester and;
2. The student has not received lower than a 85%-B average of the two (2) quarters combined;
3. The student has not been tardy (excused or unexcused) more than two (2) times during the semester.
4. Student has not been assigned (RC/Alternative to Suspension Classroom (ASC) for discipline reasons for one (1) full school day or more.

Exemption Criteria 3:
1. The student has not been absent from that class more than three (3) days during the semester and;
2. The student has not been tardy (excused or unexcused) more than two (2) times during the semester and;
3. The student has not received lower than a 93%-A average of the two (2) quarters combined;
4. Student has not been assigned RC/Alternative to Suspension Classroom (ASC) for discipline reasons for one (1) full school day or more.

Students must pass both quarters to be eligible for semester test exemption. Students are encouraged to take semester tests; however, exempt students who perform poorly on the test will not receive a lower grade.

Missing class due to 1) working, 2) illness, 3) medical or other appointments, 4) out-of-school suspension shall count as absences from that class.

Should either of the following cause a student to miss a class or classes, he or she shall NOT be counted as absent: 1) the school bus that the student rides either does not run or is late, 2) membership in a school-sponsored activity or group which requires an occasional absence from class.

Transfer students will have absences and grades from their former school computed and converted to their percentage equivalents to determine their exemption status.
Juniors & Seniors
interested in attending a weekend at Camp Grafton April 29th, 30th and May 1, see Stuart Lafountain for an application.
Girls Basketball,

the following students must be in school all day in order to participate in Saturday's game: Aiyana Trottier, McKenzie Gunville, Montana Martell, Tambraye Trottier, Kilyn Malaterre, Neveah Davis, Kilyn Parisien, Shaelyn LaVallie, Bryghton Delorme, Dalli Keplin, Taylor Keplin, Shylee Keplin, Jazz Keplin, Trinity Azure, Erin Keplin, Madison Breland, Falynn Ferris, Hannah Golus, Syann Golus, Carlie DeCoteau, Ramie DeCoteau, Ashley Davis, Denielle Peltier and Faith Dionne. If any are absent or tardy, please inform Dr. Shane Martin (AD) or Coach Keplin.
I will be doing Ru Ready Curriculum today with seniors. I will be paging senior students alphabetically to report to the computer lab. This will start period 2 and continue to the end of the day. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you, Gaileen.
Boys Basketball

players need to be released at 1:45 (pm): Grayson Swain, Tre Morin, Anthony Keplin, Isiah Thomas, Bryce Radar, Jayden Lenoir, Noah Allard, Dawson Lunday, Jayden Baker, Henry Gourneau, Hayden Decoteau, Russ Parisien, Blair Parisien, Jarod Azure, Terrance Wallette, Tanner Brien, Isiah Samuelson, Loren Lunday, Julian Parisien, Trevor Baker, Seth Gillis and Jackson Davis. Coach Day and Coach Marcellais
will be selling Valentine Grams during noon lunch & after school. This money will be donated to the Dollars for Scholars Program (seniors this year). The Tribal Scholarship Program Director, Emil LaRocque explained that the cost of sponsoring seniors to attend college has risen over the years from $1000.00 to $1500.00. The difference negatively affects the number of students they are able to assist financially. (Ellamae LaRocque)
Graduating Seniors
Time to order diplomas! Please see Shelley Morin in the guidance area to let her know how you would like your name on your diploma, (middle name, initial or neither). Remember your diploma is a legal document and must have your legal name. I will be ordering diplomas on Feb. 29.

the following students must be in school all day in order to participate in Regional's on Saturday: Yazmyn Azure, Bruce Bercier, Chance Brunelle, Koby Brunelle, Cole Champagne, Terrance Champagne, Steven Charboneau, Louis DeCoteau, Dylan Demery, Nolen Demery, Dillon Dionne, Eli Jordan, Jacob Goulet, Marcus Goulet, Eric LaFountain, Levi LaFountain, Thayne LaRocque, Trevis LaRocque, Destiny Lattergrass, Ronnie LaVallie, Sydney Marcellais, Summer Martell, Peter McLeod, Chandler Poitra, Dylan Short, Ronald Wilkie and Dawson Zerr. If any of these students are absent or tardy, please inform Dr. Shane Martin (AD) or Coach Dixon.
Student & Staff Challenge,
what class thinks they can beat the staff at tag-team-challenges? Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors get your team together and bring it. Teams must consist of 3 girls and 3 boys. Challenge will be held during Family Week (February 24th) in the gym during Braves hour. If you are brave enough, sign-up in the Phy. Ed Department. (Patty Marcellais)
Any Annual Earning Employees
that want to take leave on Friday, February 19th, 2016 will have to take leave. (Mr. Laducer)