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8/19/13 > Events

6th Hr.-Guidance Mtg.-Conference Rm
5:00-7:00-National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Staff Out:

Admin: Paulette Wallette, Patti Marcellais and Ray Parisien.

Personal: Sharon Brunelle (8:00-10:00), Raylene Pariisien, Virg Bercier, Nancy Azure, Mary Mathiason, Stacy Davis (10:15-11:15) and Chris Gillis (8:00-9:00).
CTE Student-of-the-Month for April
Steven Nadeau - Construction Technology
Carlie DeCoteau - Business and Office Technology
Stormy Laducer - Health Careers
Walter Morin - Automotive Technology
Alyza Grant - Family Consumer Science
Jonah Laducer - Welding Technology (Ryan Keplin, CTE Director)
we will "NOT" take cash at the lunch line. We ask that you purchase your tickets in advance. (Dana LaFountain and Esther LaFontaine)

Lunch - Nacho Supreme, fruit and milk.
Drivers Ed,
please mark the following students "X" periods 5-7: Renee Poitra. (Becky Hardy)
Boys State Leadership Academy
need two junior male students. This is a week long event and is being held June 8th thru June 13th. Program is free; all expenses paid by the American Legion. If interested, see Merle St. Claire in guidance as soon as possible.
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day April 23
"The real meaning of life is your family, the love that you have, the respect, the traditional ways, and carrying on with them."
--Ethel Wilson, COWICHAN
The family is the seed of the future. The family is the key to the transfer of cultural information. We should really take a look at how we are looking at our families. Are we treating each family member with respect? Are we passing on the traditional ways? Are we teaching the old songs? Are we participating in the ceremonies? Are we showing the family members how to pray? Are we encouraging each family member to be spiritual? Think about these things today.

My Creator, today, let me show respect to each family member.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Mom & Dad.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Josh & Jayah.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Trent.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Auntie Rae & Nataya.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Grandma Madeline & Grandma Poitra.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Your favorite Auntie Jo & Erick.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Candace, Danny, McKayla, Dani & Kelsey.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Kody, K`Lee , Kendell & Pam.
Happy Birthday Ryder Keplin! Love, Auntie Coe & Kayla.
Happy 18th Birthday Kolton Keplin, Love Mom, Dad, Kwade, Kobi and Kooper.
Happy Birthday Kolton Keplin, From Kim.
Happy Birthday Kolton Keplin, From Sharon & Ed..
Happy 17th Birthday Ryder, From Kevin, Kelly, Kolton, Kwade, Kobi and Kooper.
Happy 18th Birthday Kolton Keplin, Love Rae & Nataya.
Happy Birthday Kolton Keplin, From The Keplin's.
Noon Detention
will be held in room A108 in the Math area. (Shelly Azure & Gail Marcellais)
Attention: Seniors
please turn in a senior picture and a baby picture for the slide show to Kim Moors in the office no later than May 9th, 2014 or we will use your freshmen pictures. Please make sure that you have your name on the back of your pictures so that they can be returned to you. (Candace & Lisa)
if you would like to participate by donating $20.00 that will be used to help purchase caps and gowns for the seniors, please see Raylene in the office. This will be the gift from the staff for our graduating seniors. You can pay any time during the year.
is a website which list hundreds of scholarships available to students and parents. This might be a good resource to search for students and parents. I just called their 800 number to ask about fees, there are no fees for students and parents. (Andrea Laverdure, Guidance Director)
Copying Needs - All Staff
All copying needs to be planned. If you need copies, please bring it to the office at least one day in advance. If it is not brought in advance, we cannot guarantee it will be done. (Mr. Laducer)
I am placing a FAFSA information sheet on the guidance website page. The form gives detailed information on what is needed to file A Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA is filed online and is required by all postsecondary institutions for all students. You will need to have taxes completed before filing. I encourage parents to file as soon as possible. FAFSA determines if a student is eligible for PELL grant (federal student aid) and other programs or scholarships. You can get to the guidance website page by going to the Belcourt School District website, then selecting Turtle Mountain Community High School, then selecting Guidance on the left side of the page.

the following wrestlers need to turn in your gear ASAP: Justin BearRunner and Trajan LaRocque. (Coach Dixon)
Hat Day,
will be held every Friday for the remainder of the year. (Mrs. Aalund)


Services offered:
• Academic support in English Language Acquisition
• Seven Teachings of the Anishinaube
Courses offered:
• Native American literature-creative writing
• Basic writing
• Technology assisted instruction
• Journalism
• Play writing
• June 2, 2014 – July 12, 2014
• Given on a weekly basis—Based on attendance—could be up to $1500.00 for the six week period.
If you are interested in applying for the Summer Bridge Program, you:
1. Must be a graduating high school senior.
2. Must be planning to enroll at TMCC in the upcoming semester.
3. Must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe or a descendent of an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.
4. Must demonstrate a need for academic support and/or tutoring services in English and reading.
Applications are available immediately, however the last day to submit an application for the summer bridge program is the 2nd Thursday in May.
For program information or an application contact Cathie Gladue at 701-477-7981,
Doris Greenwood at 701-477-7967, or Ina Mikkelson at 701-477-7977,
WorkKeys Testing,
If you would like to take a WorkKeys, please schedule an appointment with Carlyss at ext. 654 to leave a message or email her at to request a testing time. Her office is in room A123.
all hats are to remain in your locker at all times (students should not be carrying them around or wearing them). (Mr. Laducer)
Caps & Gowns (Seniors),

if you "DID NOT" pay for your caps & gowns you can do so by mailing a money order or check to the following address:

Jackson Scholastic Services
P.O. Box 10734
Fargo, ND 58106

Remember the price of the cap & gowns after December 20th, 2014 is $30.00.


(Lisa Nerpel & Candace Longie, Senior Advisors)

the following students need to turn in your uniforms ASAP to Coach Davis: Cheyenne Peltier and Alex Houle.
the TMCC Science/Technology/Engineering/Math Summer Camps are now available in the office.

Students going into grades 10th, 11th, 12th, the summer camp dates are June 16th to June 26th.

Graduating Seniors, TMCC's Senior Bridge Camp dates are June 30th to July 17th.

All summer camps pay a stipend, the application deadline is May 9th. (Mrs. Aalund)
Young Men,
take care of an important rite of passage. Under Federal Law, virtually all men must register with Selective Services within 30 days of their 18th birthday. However, the Selective Service System now accepts early submission of registration information by 17 year old men. Selective Services holds their registration information and automatically enters their data into the system when they turn 18. The fastest way to register is online at (Mr. Redding)
Senior Class Information:

Graduation Date - Sunday, May 25th, 2014 @ 2:00 (pm).

Class Motto - "Together we have experienced life. Separately we will pursue our dreams. Forever our memories will remain"

Class Song - "Hall of Fame" by the Script.

Class Flowers - Lily's and Carnations.

Class Colors: Maroon, Gold, Black and White (School Colors).

(Candace Longie)
AV/Tech Club
Tuesday, April 29th - Spring Concert 6PM (Savannah LaRocque & NEED 1 person)
Monday, May 12th - TMCHS Awards Day (Brek Laducer & NEED 1 person)
Friday, May 23rd - TMCMS Graduation (NEED VOLUNTEERS)
Sunday, May 25th - TMCHS Graduation (NEED VOLUNTEERS)
Sophomore Class Mtg.,
at 3:30 (pm). (Ellamae LaRocque)
FCCLA Potluck,
on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 3:30 (pm). Everyone is expected to bring a dish. Please come to room A120 to sign-up for the pot luck. (Ellamae LaRocque)
Lifetime Fitness Ed,
please mark the following students "X" today: Kyra Azure, Alfred Barron, Naomi Blackfeather, Brandy Blackfeather, Stephanie Chase, Kayla Jean Houle, Kenadee Laducer, Veronica Lindgren, James Longie, Layne Longie, Dana Martell, Kadee Morin, Shania Peltier, Sarah Plant, Chelsey Vondal, Gia Davis, Taylor Eltobgi, Averie Jeanotte, Kwade Keplin, Kaylynn Lunday, Kaitlyn McGillis, Sabrina Morin, Ariel Nadeau, Dana Parisien, Kilyn Parisien - Hill and Priscilla Trottier. (Paulette Wallette)
Best of the Class,
Permission Slips for the Best of the Class need to be turned in by Friday, April 25th, 2014. (Candace & Lisa)
please mark the following students "X" periods 1-4: Sheyanna Ashes, Kara Azure, Ronald Azure, Seth Azure, Tanisha Azure, Maccie Baker, Tenisha Baker, Boyd Belgarde, Deete Belgarde, Memphis Belgarde, Mykaylynne Belgarde, Rebecca Belgarde, Jenna Blue, Tiara Blue, Kiana Brunelle, Deirdre Bursinger, Devan Champagne, Mason Champagne, Richard Champagne, Colbi Charette, Robert Charette, Alexis N. Davis, Gavin Davis, Jordan Davis, Markus Davis, Stacy Davis, Lane Day, Ashaye DeCoteau, Christian DeCoteau, Jaylyn DeCoteau, Tristan DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Drew Delorme, James Delorme, Marissa Demery, Sheyanne Demery, Victoria Desjarlais, Shanae Dubois, Anthony Fox, Aaron Freeman, Tasha Gardner, Christin Gillis, Angel Gourneau, Samuel Gourneau, Brad Gourneau Poitra, Tygre Griffin, Emily Gunville, Brittany Herman, Kami Houle, KaylaJean Houle, McKenzie Jerome, Bree Johnston, Connor Keplin, Ryder Keplin, Brek Laducer, Christian Laducer, Jaelen Laducer, Stormy Laducer, Joshua LaFloe, Connor LaFountain, Savannah LaRocque, Shauntel LaVallie, Maya Laverdure, Jaren Lebret, Cassey Longie, Christopher Longie, Darian Longie, Mariah Marcellais, Lyndsey Martin, Nathan Martin, Mikayla McCloud, Alexandria Morin, Elisha Nadeau, Kelsey Neameyer, Jonathan Parisien, Alicia Peltier, Seth Peltier, Shaye Plant, , Halen Poitra, Kalob Poitra, Kendall Poitra, Samantha Poitra, Shelby Poitra, Shelby Poitra, Brandon Rodriquez, Jesse Rodriquez, Angela Salmeron, Janna Short, Austin Thomas, Danelle Thomas, Shania Thomas, Randy Azure, Tristin Belgarde, Heaven Bruce, Tehya Delorme, Eugene Fleetwood, Clay Houle, Giovonni Jeanotte, Elijah Laducer, Mark Laducer, Riley Laducer, RemaSue Lilley, Christa Longie, Layne Longie, Brody Malaterre, Frankie Jo Morin, Gerald Morin, Taylor Peltier, Damon Silveira, Bodie St. Claire, Taylor Steele, Frederick Wilkie and Tristin Wilkie. (Corelle Allery)
Any SMAD Member
going on the "Pay It Forward" trip need to stop and pick-up an Eligibility Card from me. (Mrs. Aalund)
Junior ACT/WorkKeys Testers,
just a reminder there is no cell phones, electronic devices, food, or beverages allowed in the testing area. (Corelle Allery)
GT Drum and Dance,
the following students will be absent periods 2-7 on Friday, April 25th, 2014: Sabrina Morin, Maya Laverdure, Asia Jeanotte, Rikki Parisien, Sara Peltier, James Longie and Edward LaVallie. (Alex DeCoteau)
Work Keys Test,
please mark the following students "X" periods 1-4: Tehya Delorme, Clay Houle, Taylor Steele, Taylor Peltier, Damon Silveira, Heaven Bruce, Eugene Fleetwood, Rema Sue Lilley, Frankie Jo Morin, Elijah Laducer, Giovanni Jeanotte, Layne Longie, Tristin Belgarde, Brody Malaterre, Randy Azure, Christa Longie, Robert Hunt and Mason Champagne. (Lee Davis)
Student Council Mtg. (Conference Rm),
the following students will be absent periods 3-4 on Wednesday, 30, 2014: Tristan DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Ashaye DeCoteau, Mykaylynne Belgarde, Syann Golus, Kilyn Parisien-Hill, Stacy Davis, Brek Laducer, Grant Laducer, Brooke DeCoteau. (Leslie DeCoteau and Robin Delorme)
Student Council,
the following students will be absent all day on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 to Friday, May 16th, 2014: Tristan DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Ashaye DeCoteau, Mykaylynne Belgarde, Kilyn Parisien-Hill, Syann Golus, Brek Laducer, Stacy Davis, Brooke DeCoteau and Grant Laducer. (Leslie DeCoteau and Robin Delorme)
Thank you,
to Lynn Gourneau and Dana LaFountain for all your help. (Shelly Azure)
NDSU Wrestling Camp,

any wrestler interested in attending June 22nd-28th, please see Coach Dixon for details.
Boys Basketball Mtg.,

at 3:45 in Coach McGillis' room for any boys interested in playing basketball next year.
Baseball Practice

@ 7:00 (pm) at the Dome. (Coach Grant)