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8/19/13 > Events

Staff Out:

Admin: Jessica McGillis, Carlyss Neufeld and Mary Mathiason.

Personal: Sherry Manning, Alison Keplin, Keith LaVallie, DJ McGillis, Lois Baker, Virg Bercier, Verna Keplin, John Laducer, Ray Parisien and Stacy Davis (am).
Mandatory Boy's Basketball Mtg.

after school tomorrow for all boy's interested in playing basketball this year. You need to have a ride home, this meeting will take about 30-40 minutes. Also, there is a sign-up sheet available in Mr. McGillis room. Thank you, Coach McGillis

Lunch - Thanksgiving Dinner (staff eat free)
if anyone would like to donate or sign a card for DJ (Jessica) McGillis who recently lost his brother, please see Raylene in the office.
Principal's Corner
Elder's Meditation of the Day November 20
"Money cannot buy affection."
--Mangas Coloradas, APACHE
In these modern times we put too much emphasis on material things and on money. We believe that money is power. If we have money, people will respect us. If we have money, people will admire us. If we have money, we can have anything we want. Maybe we can purchase anything in the material world, but we cannot purchase anything in the Unseen World. The Unseen World is not for sale. It can only be given away. Love, affection, admiration, trust, respect, commitment -- these must be earned or given away. If we use these things from the Unseen World, we are using real power.

My Creator, let me demonstrate Your power today. Let me be loving to all I meet.
Student Council,
the following students will be absent periods 1st-3rd on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014: Waylon DeCoteau, McKenzie Jerome, Brek Laducer, Curtis Ferris, Dawson Zerr, Cheryl Lilley, Ayannah Charette, Tristan DeCoteau, Stacy Davis, Kilyn Parisien-Hill and Syann Golus. (Thank you, Mr. Laducer & Leslie DeCoteau)
Silent Auction,
the student council is hosting a Silent Auction on November 20th, 2014 from 9:00-3:30 in the teachers lounge. If you would like to donate any items, see Leslie DeCoteau or Robin Delorme.
Happy Birthday!

NCA Accrediation Survey,
students and staff please take the time to go on-line and take the time to fill out the survey at the following website address:

Students Site:

Staff Site:

Thank you.

Mr. Laducer
if anyone has a copy of the Christmas Carol by George C. Scott, please let me know. The library is missing theirs and I need to borrow it for a homebound student. (Jerome)
GT Leadership
after school in Eric Smith's room B108.
Make-Up Sunday Science Academy
this Sunday at 11:00 (am). (Mrs. Aalund)
during Braves Hour for those students who "DO NOT" have to attend Braves Hour. Newcomers welcome, please bring in your ideas to the meeting. (EllaMae LaRocque)
2015 Winter Formal
will be held on Sunday, December 7th, 2014 in the H.S. gymnasium from 6:00-10:30 (pm). Grades 9th-12th are welcome to attend. You must be enrolled at the TMCHS in order to invite a guest or be invited. Sign-up will be on Monday, November 24th and Tuesday, November 25th during both lunch periods. This cost is $20.00 per couple. (Thank you, Student Council)
In order to "NOT" disrupt your classroom sessions, can you please release students for activities as listed in the bulletin for those specific times. (Thank you, Shane Martin)
TMCHS CTE 50/50 Raffle,
if you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a 50/50 Raffle, please see Eric Poitra or Ryan Keplin. All proceeds will go toward the TMCHS CTE Scholarships. Tickets are available Monday-Friday and the cost is $5.00 each. Drawings will be held every payday at 3:55 pm. Any tickets purchased after 3:00 (pm) the day of the drawing will be added to the next pay period drawing.
Staff & Students - Morning Gym
There has been food brought into the gym before classes. If this continues we will not be able to use the gym. Staff, please share with your students. (Mr Keplin)

the following students need to turn in your equipment and jersey ASAP: Anthony Hoeger, Anthony LaVallie, Chance Brunelle, Cody Desjarlais, Hayden DeCoteau, Jackson Davis, Jordan Davis, RT DeCoteau and Seth Gillis. (Coach Smith)
Wrestling Practice

at 3:50 (pm). (Coach Dixon)
The following cross country athletes
need to turn in your uniforms or you will not be allowed to join another sport: Brek Laducer, Christopher Longie, Riley LaRocque, Seth Laducer, Ashley Davis, Alexis Davis, D'Naye Desjarlais, Dana Martell & Syann Delorme. Coach Davis
to the following students who will be going to Washington DC on March 29th-April 3rd, 2015 for National Close-Up: Kara Azure, Jenna Blue, Stacy Davis, Christian DeCoteau, Waylon DeCoteau, Connor LaFountain, Seth Peltier and Candace Red Elk. The alternates are: Memphis Belgarde (1) and Alyza Grant (2). Please see me to pick-up papers for registration. (Caroline Azure)
Girls Basketball,

any freshmen or sophomores interested in girls basketball stats come and sign-up with Patti Marcellais in the Phy Ed. area.

the following players need to turn in your uniforms ASAP: Dalli Keplin, Bryghton Delorme, Halle Short and Aiyana Trottier. Please return them to Cindy Keplin's room. (Coaches Keplin/Demery)
Wrestling Parent Mtg.

at 6:00 (pm) in the band room. (Coach Dixon)
Student Council,
please release the following students at the following times to help serve lunch:
11:30 (am) - Curtis Ferris, Brek Laducer, Kilyn Parisien-Hill and Tristan DeCoteau.
12:15 - Syann Golus, Stacy Davis, Ayannah Charette, Cheryl Lilley and Dawson Zerr. (Leslie DeCoteau & Robin Delorme)
Sophomore Class Mtg.
on Monday, November 24th, 2014 during Braves Hour for those students who "DO NOT" have to attend Braves Hour. (EllaMae LaRocque)
Clothing & Textile Students,
I am available in the mornings, afternoon and after school until the late buses. (EllaMae LaRocque)
CTE Field Trip,
the following students will be absent all day Friday: Richard Champagne, John Delorme, Evan LaRocque, Layne Longie, Devin Martell, Shelby Poitra, Bruce Bercier, Trenton Charbonneau, Jackson Davis, Sheyenne Demery, Landyn Keplin, Dawson LaFountain, Jamison LaFountain, Bryce Parisien, Kalob Poitra, Sara Peltier, Kalvin Belgarde, Lukas DeCoteau, Brandon O. LaFountain, Santanna Parisien, Colton Poitra, Tristan Zaste, David Azure, Anfernee Brunelle, Devan Champagne, Trevor Davis, Joseph Enno, Weston Gourneau, Danielle Poitra, Donavan Swain, Dylan Demery, Chale Keplin, Daniel Keplin, Brandon J. LaFountain, Brendon Morin, Markus Poitra, Joseph Thomas, Sheyenne Thomas and Clifton Vivier. (Eric Poitra)
Thank you,
to everyone for the prayers, phone call and etc.. I am doing well and miss you guys! (Twiggy)