Belcourt School District #7

Turtle Mountain Community Schools

Ensuring Excellence in Education and Respect for the Local Culture


School Contacts

  • BSD#7 Administration
    Phone:  701-477-6471 ext. 3202 - Fax:  701-477-6470

    BIE Line Office
    Phone:  701-477-3463 - Fax:  701-477-5944

    Tiny Turtles Preschool
    701-477-6471 ext. 3500/3509

    Elementary School
    Phone:  701-477-6471 ext. 3302 - Fax:  701-477-8006

    Middle School
    Phone:  701-477-6471 ext. 3297 - Fax:  701-477-3973

    High School
    Phone:  701-477-6471 ext. 3251 - Fax:  701-477-8821

    Bus Garage
    Phone:  701-477-6471 ext. 3263 0r 3306/701-477-5808 - Fax: 701-477-9535

    Gang/Bullying Prevention Hotline
    Phone: 701-278-0145

Educational Philosophy

  • We believe the Great Spirit put us on Mother Earth
    to be kind, respecting one another and all things.
    We believe the Turtle Mountain Community School
    must reflect the people's past, present and future way of life.
    Recognizing each of our children as unique and individual
    people of our Turtle Mountain community,
    the school in cooperation with the parents
    will provide educational opportunities
    for all students to be competent
    culturally, physically, emotionally, socially and academically.

    Mission Statement

    Ensure excellence in education and respect for the local culture.

    Vision Statement

    Excellence in academics, community and cultural education-where every employee is a teacher, every parent a partner, every child a winner.


    Improve Communication
    90% of All Third Graders Can Read at 3rd Grade Level
    Educating the Whole Child
    Follow Attendance Policy

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