• Belcourt School District #7 Board of Education

    100-297 TMCHS Grant Board of Education

    Regular Board Meetings held every second Tuesday of each month.
    Regular meetings are held in the Turtle Mountain High School Band Room at 4:45pm.
    (date and time is subject to change)

    Special Board Meetings are held in the Belcourt School Business Center Conference Room.

    Meet our Board Members:

  • Kurt Peltier - BSD#7 Board Member & 100-297 HS Grant Board Member

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  • Doug Delorme - 100-297 HS & BSD #7 School Board Member.

  • Eric Dionne - 100-297 HS & BSD#7 School Board Member  Mr. Dionne was elected in June 2012 and currently serves as the Ojibwa Indian School Board President.  Eric was elected to Ojibwa Indian School Board in 2003, in which he still serves.  Mr. Dionne has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Mary.  Eric has served on local school boards for the past 12 years and has also served multiple times on the Agency School Board.  Eric is currently employed with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa as the Human Resource Director since June 2011. Eric is married to Lonnie Martin Dionne and has three children, Isiah, Faith, and Ashton.

  • Jeremy Laducer - 100-297 HS & BSD #7 School Board Member.  Mr. Laducer was elected in 2007 and has served as the 100-297 & BSD#7 Board President.  Mr. Laducer holds a Master in Management Degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration.  Jeremy has served on various boards throughout college and his professional career. Jeremy resigned as the Transportation Director for the Turtle Mountain Tribe in 2013.  He has been selected twice to serve on the National Indian Reservation Roads Program Coordinating Committee by his peers in the Great Plains Region.  Jeremy was awarded and honored with a plaque for his work and commitment to the Indian Reservation Roads Program by the Northern Plains Tribal Technical Assistance Program and was recognized by the Tribal Council as Department of the Year in 2010.  Jeremy previously owned & operated Laducer Insurance Agency as a Career Agent for Farmers Insurance.  Mr. Laducer and his wife Khara have four sons, Brek, Tate, Keon and Syer.


  • Wanda Laducer - 100-297 HS & BSD #7 School Board Member.  Wanda has served on the Belcourt School Board and 100-297 intermittingly since 2002. Wanda has a Master Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Dakota.  Wanda is employed at the Turtle Mountain Community College as an administrator where she has been working for the past twenty seven years.  Wanda has served on other boards including the Ojibwa Indian School Board, both in the capacity of President and school board member from 1994-2002, Tribal Scholarship Board and currently serves on the Dollars for Scholars board.  Wanda was also the President of the North Dakota Student Financial Aid from 1996-1998 as the Cultural Diversity Committee President.  Currently, Wanda is a member of the Career Development Advisory Committee since 1994 and a member of the School Improvement Team since 2005.  Wanda has four children Jen,  Misty, Roland Jr. and AJ. 

  • Teri LaFountain - 100-297 HS & BSD #7 School Board Member.


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    Bruce Morin - 100-297 HS & BSD #7 School Board Member