Dear fellow elementary staff and students:

We recently studied natural resources. Which led us to reading about recycle, reuse and reducing.

We talked about trying to take care of Mother Earth.  We have decided as a class to stop picking up those cases of water in the kitchen.  We have been using our own water bottles, which we fill in our new water fountains the school purchased.  We are challenging you to come on board with us.  Please stop drinking water from plastic bottles. Just think how much less garbage we will have for our janitors!  Just think how much we will be saving our teachers back by not having to carry the water to our classroom.  Just think how much you are contributing to saving AKI (Mother Earth)!   Just think how much our school is  saving by not purchasing bottled water!  We are saving animals because they can die from consuming plastic.  Please help save the environment. 

Fourth grade students in Mrs. LaRocque's room.

PS. Please let us know if you make the change. We are keeping the data on a map.